Make a Watercolor Landscape Collage

painting Apr 01, 2021
How to make a watercolor landscape collage

Hi everyone! It’s Julie Malizia (@harp_and_crow on Instagram) with a fun watercolor landscape collage tutorial for you today. Let’s get started!




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Step 1: Watercolor Wash


First, you’ll create the watercolor sheet that you will use for your mountains. Use your painter's or washi tape to hold down the sides of your larger (9 x 12) sheet of watercolor paper. The tape will help your paper from warping, but it's an optional step. You are going to paint a full wash using your indigo paint and your flat 1” brush. The more texture and interest you can make on this sheet, the better! You can create interest by varying the concentration of color, amount of water and brush stroke. Add drops of clean water to create movement.


Set this sheet aside to dry. If it happens to warp, place it under a large book once its dry to help flatten it back out.


Step 2: Background


Create your “sun” by using the inside of your painter's tape (or outside of a cup) to mark your 5x7 piece of watercolor paper. Place it a little more than halfway up from the center.


Next, use your burnt sienna color to paint the sky. You’ll want to focus the concentration on the outside corners of the sheet. Progressively use more water to dilute the paint as you move towards the circle. You will need to paint just until you reach the edge of the circle.


Once you’ve finished the burnt sienna color, use a small amount of burnt ochre around the circle. You can add more water to help the paint move.


Allow your sky to dry and mix a small amount of burnt ochre with your opaque white paint. This will be your sun! I love the look of a muted sun but please feel free to add more burnt ochre to make it sunnier.


The final step for your background is to add a few sun rays in a circular pattern with your white gel pen. Set this aside to dry.


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Step 3: Watercolor Mountains


The next step is to cut your mountains out of the dried indigo watercolor wash paper. Cut out 2 triangles that are tall enough to reach the top of your sun once they are glued on. You will want 2-4 medium sized and 1-2 smaller triangles. Try to pick the most interesting spots on your sheet because it will add a lot of interest to your piece.


Arrange the triangles on your sheet, starting with the bigger triangles flanking the sun. Adjust the medium and small triangles until it covers the bottom half of the sheet. Starting with the triangles towards the back, use your glue stick to attach them. I like to put a big book on top of the entire thing while the glue dries to make sure everything sticks.

Once your glue is dry, flip your sheet over and trim off all of the excess from the triangles.


And voila! You have a beautiful watercolor collage!

If you try this tutorial, please message me or tag me on Instagram (@harp_and_crow) so that I can see your beautiful work. Thanks for creating with me today!

Julie Malizia is a lettering and abstract artist living in California with her husband and three young daughters, whom she lovingly refers to as her “Dragons.” You can find her sharing paintings, lettering and bad jokes on Instagram at @harp_and_crow.

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