How to Prep a Watercolor Palette the RIGHT Way

classes - painting painting Mar 16, 2021

How do I make a watercolor palette correctly?  This question comes up way more than you'd think. I remember the first time I was going to prep a palette and I was extremely discouraged because I had no idea how. As far as I knew, watercolors belonged in pre-made cake palettes, while acrylic paints were in tubes, but WATERCOLORS in TUBES?! That was crazy. No way.

This class is going to set you up to create your very own YOU palette of YOUR favorite colors without making crucial mistakes. You know... when your watercolor knocks loose and falls out or when you try to mix colors but your palette makes the water just bead up? Yeah.. this class is going to help you avoid all of that nonsense.





For your reference, I've listed the materials used in this class:

Palette: The Pigeon Letters Palette

Brush: The Pigeon Letters Round Brush

Paper: Legion Cold Press

Watercolors: Daniel Smith (Here's a link to a video on my Instagram of a full swatch chart of every color they make!)

Daniel Smith - DOT CHART

Daniel Smith - Chinese White

Daniel Smith - Lamp Black

Daniel Smith - Buff Titanium

Daniel Smith - Burnt Umber

Daniel Smith - Indian Yellow

Daniel Smith - New Gamboge

Daniel Smith - Cadmium Red Medium Hue

Daniel Smith - Pyrrol Scarlet 

Daniel Smith - Garnet Genuine

Daniel Smith - Rhodonite Genuine

Daniel Smith - Bordeaux

Daniel Smith - Prussian Blue

Daniel Smith - Mayan Blue Genuine

Daniel Smith - Deep Sap Green

Daniel Smith - Sap Green

Daniel Smith - Cascade Green

Daniel Smith - Jadeite Genuine

Daniel Smith - Green Apatite Genuine

Daniel Smith - Perylene Green

Daniel Smith - Green Gold