How To Start Your Creative Journal

drawing Mar 18, 2021
How To Start Your Creative Journal

Sometimes the hardest thing about creativity is getting started. Many of us harbor a desire to tap into our inner creativity but we’re not quite sure how. Keeping a creative journal, something that you dip into each day, even for a few moments, is a great way to keep the creative fire burning. Here are our tips for finding inspiration in a creative journal.

I'm Katherine Rundell and I'm so stoked to share with you some tips on starting to journal! Journaling can help you unwind, organize your thoughts, and even control your feelings. If you've been feeling a little scatterbrained, you've come to the right place!


The Benefits Of A Creative Journal


Creative journaling has many benefits for the mind and soul. By tapping into your creative spirit each day you’ll foster a deeper connection with the world around you. You’ll find that things you’ve seen or heard spill out onto the page in surprising ways and, as your journaling goes deeper, you’ll start to observe the world in new ways, finding magic in every corner.

Creativity has fantastic benefits on emotional wellbeing, and journaling every day lets you discover those in your own unique way.



Journaling Ideas


Sometimes we need a prompt to kick-start our creativity. Here are our favorite ways to use a creative journal to discover your inner creative spirit.



1. To Plan, Dream and Outline Your Goals


At any one time, we’re percolating ideas and hopes for our future. Your creative journal provides you with an opportunity for laying these out in a way that’s practical but simultaneously provides the space for dreaming big.

Putting your plans and dreams down in a concrete setting can strengthen your resolve towards achieving the future of your dreams. Anything from long-term career goals to short-term projecting can find a place in your creative journal. Redesign your house or your career in a creative way.



2. To Express Yourself


Your creative journal gives you a great chance to express those bottled up thoughts and feelings of the day in any way you see fit. Sometimes the simplest doodling can provide a valuable outlet for feelings of frustration and mindless (or mindful) scrawling can take shape on the page in revealing ways.

Maybe writing a poem or some structured prose about your day, or a specific event can help you process your emotions. Your creative journal is your space for exploring your feelings in a deeper way.



3. To Unlock Your Creative Potential


The opportunity for creativity is sadly lacking in many people’s daily lives. Office jobs, hectic lifestyles, and a world centered on consumerism create little space for exploring your creative side, so starting your creative journal is a way to fight back!

Perhaps you’ve always carried a penchant for design - the simple sketches that start in your creative journal could turn into a portfolio that gives you the impetus for a career change. Or maybe a daily creative writing practice turns into something more, blogging and professional writing career could be just around the corner.



4. To Pursue Spiritual Development 


Spiritual development doesn’t have to mean religiosity - for many people, it’s just about connecting with deeper meaning in our lives. Your creative journal is somewhere you can escape from our materialistic world and ask questions about your values and happiness.

Discovering your deep-rooted beliefs can become an enlightening practice. A creative journal can prompt a spiritual awakening as well as a creative one!



5. To Have Fun 


Let go of all those external pressures that force deeper purpose on every activity - creative journaling is an opportunity to reintroduce the idea of play into your adult life.

Start TODAY.  You can form healthy habits with a combination of hard work and commitment, but a creative journal shouldn’t feel like a chore. Eventually, journalling will feel as natural to you as breathing - and it’s likely to breathe life into your creative spirit, too! Find yourself a beautiful notebook to get started and see where creative journaling takes you today.




Hi everyone! My name is Katherine Rundell and I'm a writer at Coursework Help and Academized. I've written for newspapers, magazines, and published poetry, as well as long-form prose! I also run creativity workshops to try and inspire people to get their stories out. 



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