How to Store Art Pens

drawing Mar 14, 2021
How to Store Art Pens

Let's get real today... How many people get hulk-status-angry when their markers dry out too early? You're not alone. After some major trial and error over time, I learned a few tips on how to store my art pens in a way that makes their lifespan so much longer. If you don't store your art pens correctly, it could make your colors less vibrant, as well as make for a stifled ink flow. While you should always read the back of your pen pack, why not follow some quick tips and tricks to keep your pens going, and going and going. 

I'm listing all of my favorite things that help me store my art pens in a way that makes them last forever. Of course, if you prefer moving visuals, I've included a video at the bottom of this page!









Gel Pens, Rollerball Pens, Fine Liners




First and foremost, pens like fountain pens, gel pens, rollerball pens, and fine liners should always be stored horizontally. This makes it so the ink doesn't flow away from the tip of the pen. This also prevents them from getting dirty when they're stored upright OR from ink clogs when stored upside down. 


Double-Sided Pens

For those of you using double-sided pens (Tombow dual brush pens, double-sided pens, etc), make sure to keep these pens stored horizontally as well, so the ink is evenly distributed. A wise woman once told me, when in doubt, horizontal it out! 


Paint pens

If you've used any pen that requires you to shake it before using (paint pens, metallic pens, etc), you've probably experienced the horror that is having TOO much ink flow at once. I know I've created a crime scene on a paper a few times. I might sound like a broken record player at this point but PLEASE, store these pens horizontally!



If you're using pencils, you can store them either horizontally or vertically. If you decide to store them vertically, make sure that you face the sharpened ends up. If you decided to store them horizontally, place a piece of foam where the tips might rub the edge of your container. This will help prevent breaking or dulling. 




I really hope this helps you on your pen storage journey! I'm walking you through my methods and favorite storage containers in my next video so look out for that.

At the end of the day, read the packaging of your pens for information on how to store them is a great idea, if not the best idea. If you still aren't sure, when in doubt... HORIZONTAL it out! When it comes to storing your art pens, it really comes down to personal preference. Do what works for you and your workflow! 







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