Urban Sketching | Drawing What You See

classes - drawing drawing Oct 02, 2018
urban sketching tutorial

Urban sketching is a unique illustration style that immediately draws attention. Its loose, playful nature brings out each individual artist's personal touch, as it demands a quick process that releases the need for perfection. It will allow you to study and observe life all around you and challenge you to interpret it in different ways. You will gain a new appreciation for what used to be a boring intersection. 




This class will introduce the urban sketching concepts with overviews on where to simplify, where to see vanishing points to assist with dimensions, sketching movement from a glance, capturing architecture, how to look at your scene and frame it for what works well for you as an artist, and more. 



While this is a guided class, you will learn easy techniques that will allow you to confidently whip out your sketchbook and draw on location.



This class is perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of understated, minimal design in the form of suspended shine. You might be a crafter, an artist, or even an accountant! You don't need any previous experience in working with metals.



You simply need the supplies I'll be covering right away in the class, which I've linked easily in the class as well so you can snag them quickly and dive right in. 




Student Examples


By Donna L


By Anastasia Beketova