How to Use The Pigeon Letters Studio Round Brushes

lettering painting Dec 27, 2020
How to Use The Pigeon Letters Studio Round Brushes

Today we're going through how to get the best use out of your Pigeon Letters studio round brushes. It's been weirdly hard for me (in the past) to find truly professional grade round brushes and I decided to just... make my own! Because I'm independent and can solve my own problems, ya know? And no. This was NOT an easy process. But I put my heart into it and after a year and a half of trial and error, I'm happy to say I've perfected MY perfect brush, and hopefully you'll feel the same as you use them yourself!

With a quick snapback, long design, AND made cruelty-free, these brushes are about to be your new faves. For a moving pictures visual (some call them videos), scroll to the bottom!



I'll also go over how to take care of these beauties, which by the way, is SO easy. As well as go over what pre-paint and post-paint care looks like in order to get the most out of your new brushes!






The Ethics and Design



When I decided to make these paintbrushes, there were a couple things in particular that I really wanted my brushes to be. These brushes being cruelty-free was my main focus, as this is an issue that's so near and dear to my heart! It's so important to me to keep fur out of the art community. We have a ton of new technology that allows us to do so, so that is one thing that I'm so so proud of with these brushes! 

On top of being cruelty-free, these brushes are professional-grade! Oh, did you ask what professional-grade means? Professional-grade means these brushes are created to last the long haul. They've been designed to have a quick snapback, along with a long brush design. Because of these things, these brushes can be used for an array of mediums! 

The shape of the brush is long and slims to a fine point at the tip, providing the ability to have thick strokes as well as thin strokes depending on the pressure applied and how you hold the brush. I mean, the versatility!  


1: The Pre Paint



"Cruelty-free" brushes means that they're synthetic. Because they're 100% pure synthetic (no blends), and have more density to them, you don't want to flirt with the water. Grab that brush and fully submerge it into your water cup/jar and roll it against the side of the cup so all those bristles have a chance to get wet. Yep, even the ones hanging out in the middle.



Do the same thing with your paint! Don't be shy, really get your brush all up in that paint! Using full pressure on its side, roll the brush in your paint so it's fully saturated. This method will allow you to use the brush to its full ability!



2. The Versatility



You can achieve very thin lines by applying light pressure and painting only with the tip of the brush. I tend to get thinner strokes when I pull away from my body because science and gravity. 



On the flipside, if you want a more full coverage feel, press the brush ALL the way down on its side and glide the brush. I promise that this won't ruin your brush, as long as all of your bristles are going the same way!

Because the snapback on these brushes is SO good, it won't affect make your brush mushy when you release the pressure.



3. The Snapback



The snapback of these brushes is one of the biggest selling points, especially if you like to use brushes for lettering in addition to painting. A snapback is essentially the quickness of a brush to go from a thick line to a thin one. This is super important when it comes to brush lettering with paint! To test the snapback of a brush simply apply full pressure and push the paint brush fully on its side, then loosen pressure and see if the brush is able to make a clean transition. Trust me, you'll have no problem brush lettering with these brushes. They'll basically be your new BFF

Pro Tip: Painting leaves is a common way for artists to get a feel for how new brushes move!



4. The Clean Up



Absolutely no need for any harsh chemicals for these bab! Rinse your brush in your water, repeating the steps from the pre-paint to get it really clean. Fully submerge and roll it all around because we want those dense bristles to get clean!

Lightly use your fingers to drag the brush upward on the sides, and DON'T EVER store the brushes facing down.


Brushes come in round brush sizes 3/0 up to 16, also in liners 20/0 and 0, and even include 3/4" filbert and 1" wash!




I hope this helped all of you who are in the market for new brushes, or have some that you want to try out! Getting new brushes is both exciting but also a little nerve-racking because sometimes you don't know what to expect. I know i've been there! Definitely check out my brushes on the website and maybe you'll find what you're looking for and MORE. 








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