Ideas to Upcycle Old Calendars

diy Mar 25, 2021
How to upcycle an old calendar tutorial

Hey there fellow TPL lovers! I'm Savina Monet, a collage artist and amateur eco-conservationist here to share a super fun way we can reuse those 2020 calendars. 

If you're the wall calendar type, you know the feeling of loving every month until you've run out and it's time for a new calendar, but it's the saddest when the previous one is so beautiful but now, well, useless. BUT WAIT! Instead of recycling that beautiful calendar, instead *upcycle* the artwork to create functional pieces that you can use year round. We're about to go over three different ideas so that you can turn your old calendar into tiny envelopes, gift boxes, or one-of-a-kind artwork.



  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • An old calendar

Store all of your supplies in this cutie.


PREP - Choose your graphic

Odds are you probably don’t have a square calendar. If you do, then you can probably skip this step and jump right into the crafting! Otherwise, we will have to create a square shape from our rectangular calendar to serve as the base of our origami pieces.

Step 1: Fold A Corner to the Opposite Side.

It can be any corner, preferably one that is around a good chunk of the artwork. If done correctly, your paper should look like a little sailboat similar to the photo below.


Step 2: Trim Off Extra Paper

It's time to beautify this baby by snipping off the extra paper on the sides and cleaning up your lines. Straight lines are everything in origami, use a ruler to draw a line down first that you’ll follow with your scissors.


Step 3: Unfold

By now you should have cropped your rectangular calendar to a square piece focused mainly on the artwork. If you have some dates in there, it’s still cool. Once you start twisting and turning the paper, it can create a really cool visual effect.




Project #1: Tiny Envelopes

Tiny anything is adorable right? These lil' envelopes are the perfect, colorful solution to labeling gifts, or anything else! By the time you cut and fold your original graphic, you will be impressed with a new twist of color and texture. Shoutout Sarica Studio who put together the tiny envelope template we will be using here.

Step 1: Print Envelope Template



Step 2. Place Template over Graphic and Trace



Step 3: Snip, snip!


Step 4: Fold and glue




Project #2: Upcycled Gift Boxes

Speaking of gifts, what better way to give someone a token of your appreciation than with a colorful box that you folded together yourself? Using origami techniques, we can take our original calendar graphic and turn it into a functional gift box, catch-all, or desk organizer.

If you’d like, you can follow along with this video by Paper Kawaii that will go over the technique in detail.



Project #3: Framed Art

Sometimes you just can’t let go of a calendar artwork because of the way it makes you feel. Don’t toss it, instead carefully cut out the graphic and place it in your favorite frame. It can be helpful to place the artwork on a white mat before putting it into the frame to better emphasize the artwork and hide any cutting imperfections.


Step 1: Measure and cut


Step 2: Frame and hang!



Woo hoo we did it! As you can imagine, using additional origami techniques will give you endless possibilities to reuse your calendar graphics all year round. Get creative and see what else you can make with these beautiful new pieces.

Thank you for crafting with me and taking some time for creativity. Show off your new goods on Instagram and don't forget to tag me (@savinamonet), I would love to see what you all come up with!

I’m Savina and I create dope graphics for the cannabis industry. No, really. It’s what wakes me up in the morning. Giving form to your idea. Cover to your book. Design of your products. Creative content to your empty wall. Anything from print to digital and all for the cannabis industry. I also proudly work with women and diverse-owned companies in the cannabis industry.  I believe in those who are passionate about cannabis and its history. 

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