Designer Spotlight: Meet Julie Malizia

design team - julie Aug 12, 2022
How to paint abstract art

We all love Julie Malizia - from her quirks to honest art chat to the beautiful art she makes. But do you really know Julie?




How did you get started doing art?

I have been making some form of art for my entire life! As a child I would forgo recess to sit and draw, and at the library I was always checking out How To Draw books. Somewhere along the way, I got the idea that being an artist wasn't a "real job," so I went to college, got my degree, got the grown up job and hated every minute of it. I finally got back into art during the early years of motherhood. I started out lettering (something I had always loved and never really tried), which lead to watercolors, digital art and everything else I make nowadays. I am SO thankful that I rekindled my love of art when my daughters were born because it's given me a very necessary outlet to be myself in a season of life that calls for so much caring for others.




What is the one thing you like to have nearby when you create?

A Pamplemousse La Croix (the spicy bubbles help me focus lol) and a towel because I am extremely messy.



What most inspires you?

I find inspiration in music, books, my kids and interesting architecture and signage. 



How do you push through creative ruts?

I don't! I've learned that there is a natural ebb and flow to creativity and I try to respect it. Sometimes if I have a deadline coming up and I am falling short on ideas, I will do some sort of creative activity to get my brain working. For example, I will weave, sew, write, or do a craft with my kids.



If you could only use 3 supplies for the rest of your life, what 3 items would you choose?

Indigo watercolor, a Pigeon Letters size 10 round brush & a watercolor sketchbook.



What's your one hot tip for learners?

Don't get discouraged when you see a beautiful work of art and think "I could never make that!" Think about why you love it and why it moves you and channel that energy into your own piece of art. 


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