Learn to Paint Watercolor Veggies

painting Sep 16, 2020
Learn to Paint Watercolor Veggies

I've created this 4-lesson tutorial on painting vegetables with watercolor so you can branch out from the typical botanicals (I'm NOT complaining - I'll paint flowers and watercolor leaves all day every day). I thought it's about time we put a spin on things and branch into some adorable veggies. I just love how they turn out every time! So now it's time for YOU to paint them with me!

If you've dabbled in watercolor, you know that it can bring pure delight. 

We're going to be painting 4 vegetables in this class to get you familiar with with how to render their form, value, and unique attributes on paper. There is a way to achieve many results when painting with watercolor and we're going to be covering them as you paint beautiful produce!

This class covers:

  • Identifying features in vegetables
  • Wet-on-wet techniques
  • Wet-on-dry techniques
  • Using the white of our paper to our benefit
  • Paint-to-water ratio
  • Utilizing just one brush size to our advantage to achieve many results

This class can be used as an introduction to watercolor, to learn some new tricks, but you can also simply use the class as a relaxing lesson to create a beautiful end result. 

The work that you create from this class can be used as wall art, digitized for greeting cards, tea towels, and more!

Click here to start painting!

Note: This class is on Skillshare. If you're not yet a member, the link I've provided will unlock 2 weeks premium for free (no commitments). 

See you in the class!