Lettering Flourishing Composition Tips

lettering procreate Jan 03, 2021
Lettering Flourishing Composition Tips

Hi friends! I wanted to show you all how easily you can plan out wording when you're creating modern calligraphy, whether you're using pencil + paper OR Procreate. I love sharing my process with you so you can really see what goes into my pieces and maybe you'll find a new way to do your own lettering! 

When it comes to modern calligraphy, I really do recommend doing a ton of rough drafts until you absolutely love the piece. These tips and tricks work whether you're using Procreate or the good ole pencil and paper! Grab your materials and let's go!

Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page for moving visuals, if that's how you like to learn! 





Step 1: Start with a few rough drafts




Start with any color and a sketching brush in Procreate. I use the 6B Pencil under Sketching most of the time when creating drafts.

Find a quote that really speaks to you and get started. My quote is "Find your people, they're everywhere with open arms. -Peggy Dean" For my piece, I decided to do modern calligraphy on only the words "Find your people" because that's where I want the attention to stand out, and I'll add the second half after I'm happy with the first part of my layout. Feel free to follow along with me with my quote or wander off and do your own thing! 

Go in and start with a rough draft version of "find your people" and adjust size/positioning where needed. Try doing your rough draft in a variety of ways to really find a version you like! 



Once you pick a rough draft you're set on, you can either get rid of the other drafts OR you can move them to the layer below for safekeeping. To do that, circle and select the unwanted drafts and use three fingers to drag down to cut and paste into the other layer. Drag that layer below and turn off the layer and you won't have to look at them.


Step 2: Create a new layer 



If you're using Procreate, definitely grab my FREE brush, I use this for ALL my calligraphy pieces because I made it EXACTLY how I want it to render results in my pieces. Follow your guide with your new brush on top of your rough draft. At this point, your piece is starting to come together! 



Step 3: Create another new layer and finalize



To get it where we want it, turn off your rough draft and make the opacity on your new layer very light.

Create another new layer, this way, you can letter on top of this layer as a second rough draft. I use this method A LOT when I'm doing modern calligraphy. With lettering, you really have to play around with it until you love it. 



I always love including flourishes to my lettering, I just feel like it's a missed opportunity otherwise. I have a whole class on everything having to do with flourishes, so if this is something you love with all your heart, check the class out!



And that's that! I hope you found this helpful, I know it was fun for me to brush up on my calligraphy skills. Sometimes the process can seem redundant or overkill, but I promise, it's WORTH it! Do this as many times as you may need, even if it's over and over and over AND OVER again. Sometimes that's just what it takes! Go out there and do great things!





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