Lettering with Flourishes | Expand Your Modern Calligraphy Skills

classes - lettering lettering Oct 22, 2020
Lettering with Flourishes

Brush lettering flourishes look tricky. They fight our need to be precise and to keep full attention on details. They demand swift motion so their line workflows effortlessly, creating wispy lines that look as though they're floating through the air, moving with the wind. 



This class will teach you two basic shapes that will challenge you to branch off and create styles you may not have thought you could. Learning these motions comes first, and as you practice, experiment, and practice some more, muscle memory begins to develop. Allow this class to be an introduction to a whole new world of embellishments to add to your lettering!




BONUS: All flourishes shown in this class can be downloaded for reference in the class materials. You will also find blank practice guides for your reference.



Class Projects


By Annette Brown

By Rodica Grosu