Lettering with Molotow Paint Pens

lettering Oct 02, 2021
molotow liquid chrome swatch

I know how many of you love lettering and I just couldn't resist trying out these Molotow paint pens - so, here we are. I'm bringing you another swatch (lettering practice? Show-and-tell? Whatever. You get it.) using the liquid chrome pen, because why would I not? It looks SOO good. 





Let's get lettering!


Before you start, think of a phrase you want to letter and try to map it out in your mind. Try to imagine where each word would fit on your sheet of paper so you end up with a nicely balanced piece (if that doesn't work out and your lettering gets wonky or out of place, don't worry - just try again. We've all been there!). If you're just starting out and need some guidance on your hand lettering, here are some tips you might find useful. 



I chose liquid chrome because I really enjoy the contract it creates against the heavy black paper.



As you can see, I decided not to be fancy with this piece and didn't add banners or flourishes, but you sure can. 😉



There's so many ways you could use this paint pen in - from creating a quick lettering piece, like I'm doing now, to making some hand-lettered wrapping paper. Just imagine how cool would THAT look!



Aaaaand just like that, we're DONE! Cool huh?

If you want to learn more about lettering, the Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide is always there for you to keep developing your skills. 

And a random but goodie: If you want to try lettering digitally, I have some tricks up my sleeve on flourishing and composition. To make it EVEN more fun (jeez the fun just doesn't stop huh?), I challenge you to create your digital lettering piece using these glitter brushes for Procreate. Make sure to tag @thepigeonletters when you share your results!


Wanna save this for later? Pin away.