Designer Spotlight: Meet Lisa M. Griffin

design team - lisa Jul 13, 2022
How to paint using watercolors

From adorable animals to light watercolors, Lisa loves spreading joy with her art. Learn more about the artist behind the art!




How did you get started doing art?

With a box of crayons and a coloring book. My Mom is creative, she loves sewing, quilting and painting - she shared that with me from an early age. I loved drawing the most which led to my dream of being an Illustrator. The sewing and quilting though... not so much.


What is the one thing you like to have nearby when you create?

I love to create within calm surroundings. It's all about environment for me... music (to fit my energy level), a scented candle, cup of coffee or tea and hopefully sunshine.


What is your favorite medium to create with?

Digital - I love the variety it allows me! (if traditional, I love gouache).


What is your favorite color?



What most inspires you?

So much inspires me! My kids, nature/wildlife, childhood memories... As an artist I try to stay open-minded to the world around me and let it filter into my work.


How do you push through creative ruts?

Ugh, creative ruts suck, but we all go through them. The best way I've found to deal with a creative rut is to give myself time away. If I sit at my desk and try to force something, I get more frustrated and upset... not a good feeing. Being outside is a great way to decompress, but typically I just ignore my studio for 24 hours. Then when I return feeling more relaxed, I sketch. It doesn't matter how good that sketch looks, it's about activating the creative part of my brain again.

And, if all else fails, I have a Pinterest board with plenty of creative inspiration to spark my imagination again.




If you could only use 3 supplies for the rest of your life, what 3 items would you choose?

I feel like I'm cheating by saying my iPad + Procreate because it's like carrying an art store around with me. If we are talking traditional mediums, then my three things would be a Moleskine sketchbook, a mechanical pencil, and a large set of watercolor pencils.


What's your one hot tip for learners?

Make art just for you. It's easy to get caught up in client work (I mean we all have bills right?), or feeding the social media beast... but it's also important to create for ourselves. Set aside time to work on what lights you up. That could mean time experimenting with a new medium or working on a personal project. Either way, you'll be a happier spending time like you did as a child, creating from the heart. 


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