Create Metallic Lettering on a Watercolor Background

design team - shannon lettering painting Dec 12, 2022
Watercolor metallic hand lettering

Today we’re going to create a shimmery hand lettered quote on an abstract watercolor background. It's a perfect way to mix up your lettering and give yourself a new challenge!

Hey there creative, Shannon here from the Pigeon Letters Design Team and in this blog post I’ll be showing you how to create something that is quick and easy but still really beautiful. So of you’re ready to get started here’s a look at the supplies you’ll need to follow along with me: 





Watch the tutorial below!



Step 1: Choose a Quote and Color Palette

For this tutorial I’m going to be lettering the phrase ‘sky full of stars’ and I’ll using a galaxy color palette for my background. When choosing your colors, try to use colors that will blend together nicely without becoming muddy. 



Step 2: Paint Your First Layer

Use a large paintbrush to add your first color onto your watercolor paper.


Then pick up some water with your brush and add it all around the outside of the color you added.  This is a really important step as this will help the colors to easily bleed and blend together on their own.



Continue to add your colors randomly across the paper and use water to blend out the edges. For this first layer, I’m using pink and blue which will create purple when they blend together. I’m going for a more abstract background so I’m not too worried about harsh edges and I’m not trying to cover the entire background. 



Optional: If you’d like, you can cover the entire background with colors or you can even add masking tape around the edges before you start painting if you want to create a clean white border.



Step 3: Build Up Your Colors

While your first layer of color is still wet, continue to add colors to darken your background.  For this step I’m using Indigo, and a darker shade of blue and a darker  pink . 




Step 4: Add Texture

While the paint paint is still wet, use a smaller paint brush, I’m using The Pigeon Letters 3/0 round, to pick up some clean water and add some water splatters.



You can also add some splatters using some of the colors you used to paint the background as well.




Step 5: Write Your Quote

Allow the background to dry completely and then use a pencil to lightly ske tch out your quote if needed. Then use a metallic silver paint or ink to write out your quote. I’m using Winsor and Newton Silver Drawing Ink but you can definitely use metallic markers, gel pens, paint pens, watercolor if you’d like.





Need some help practicing your lettering? The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide makes the entire process so much easier.



Step 6: Add Some Stars

To complete your piece, you can use a liner brush to draw a few stars and you can also add a few silver splatters to complete the piece.




And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy lettering project! If you followed these steps, I’d love to see how your piece turned out so  feel free to share it with me on Instagram @byshannonlayne! 


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Shannon is an artist from a small island in the Caribbean called Barbados! She creates fun and unique content, whether it's with markers, watercolors, acrylics or on the iPad to inspire other creatives.