Create a Playful Collage Animal in Mixed Media

classes - drawing classes - painting May 22, 2022
How to make a mixed media pigeon

I'm SO excited for you to get stuck into this project, because I promise it's a super fun one that will allow your imagination to flow without restriction. We're going to be working with any and all materials that you can find around the house - really, whatever you like! Glitter? Um, YEAH. Dried flowers? Sure. Old magazines? Why not?! Today, we're going to be creating a cute (or scary - the choice is yours) collage animal using mixed media. Ready to dive in?


Watch the class trailer! 




When I say you can use whatever you want, I mean it. But here are a few of my suggestions that might come in handy as you play around with your collage:


Trust me, these paintbrushes will become your go-to - grab a pack or two. 



Step 1: Pick Your Animal

First thing's first, let's pick an animal! I'm going with a pigeon for this one (obviously), but feel free to pick a creature that speaks to you the most. I would recommend going for a not-so-realistic look because it gives you more room to experiment. If you're stuck for references, check out Unsplash for beautiful royalty-free images.


Step 2: Get Sketching!

Now that you've picked your new friend, let's make a sketch. Don't go too precise or too detailed with this step - we're going to be adding a lot of fun elements later on, so your sketch will not be visible anyway. Go for bigger, wider strokes to give you more room for error. 




Step 3: Make a Pile of Scraps

For this step, grab your magazine stack and start going through them, picking areas you want to incorporate into your collage. I love adding nature elements as well as random words - they give your final piece a really fun, unexpected touch! Make a pile big enough for you to pick from.



This is already so much fun, isn't it? And so the fun doesn't stop, I have made this tutorial into a full blown class for you. I'll be talking you through the whole process in real time to make it easier to follow along. Head over to Skillshare to create your own playful collage animal (pssst - this link will give you one month of FREE access to alllll the classes).

Check out this fun collage made by one of the students, Kay Burglin - doesn't it just make you be somewhere tropical?




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