Mixed Media Postcards

diy Jun 14, 2022
How to make mixed media postcards

I love, love to layer, make marks and draw botanicals. These 3-2-1 postcards incorporate all of these loves perfectly. Why are they called "3-2-1"...because you will make three layers (collage, paint, and marks), use only two main colors, and need only one hour!

Hi, I'm Tracy and I am thrilled to be a guest on The Pigeon Letters Blog today! 

Now 3...2...1...GO!




Step 1: Tape Down Postcards

Tape down your cards creating a border width of your liking.


Want to experiment with some nature elements some more? Grab Peggy Dean's Guide to Nature Drawing & Watercolor!



Step 2: Apply Ephemera

Apply torn bits of ephemera using your matte medium and an old paint brush.




Step 3: Apply Gesso

Apply a wash of white gesso and press bubble wrap into it to create texture (if desired). Feel free to experiment here and make a texture you like!


Step 4: Apply Paint

Mix your acrylics together and with your neutrals to create a palette of about 3-4 colors/shades. Apply the paint randomly with your finger allowing the ephemera to peek through in some places. Feel free to scratch into the paint for more texture!




Step 5 (optional): Apply Rubber Cement

Use one stencil and apply a medium coat of rubber cement with the jar brush. Wash your stencil with warm water and dish soap immediately after application and let postcard dry completely.


Step 6: More Stenciling!

Use your make-up sponge to apply more stenciling. As a rule, I like to apply darker colors over lighter shades and vice-versa. Let dry completely.




Step 7 (optional): Rub Off Rubber Cement

If you used the Rubber Cement, remove it now by gently rubbing with a finger in a circular motion.



Step 8: Add Line Drawing

Select a few of your favorite botanicals (or animals!) and add to the cards with the archival pens. Use the pens and your other mark makers to add dots, dashes, crosses, etc. in a random fashion.




Step 9: Remove Tape!

It's time to remove the painter's tape. TIP: warm it up with a heating tool first to avoid any tears.




I hope you enjoy this project and share your postcards with me. I can be found on Instagram @tracyvillart and online at corkandbrush.com 


I am a Mixed Media Abstract Artist living in the Capital Region of New York. When I am not recording my local radio show or spending time with the family, I can usually be found in my home studio elbow deep in paint with a nice glass of red (or white). I also love to teach fellow artists all that I know, and of course, recommend a bottle or two! 


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