Monochromatic Watercolor Flower Tutorial: A Lesson on Hue

design team - theresa painting Dec 10, 2021
How to paint monochromatic flowers

Come experiment with wet-on-wet watercolor techniques, using one color of paint, in this monochromatic watercolor flower tutorial. You will be able to explore the depth of a value of watercolor while learning how to layer and add dimension.

My friend, it is Theresa here from the Design Team and I am so excited to share this painting tutorial with you. I am usually a person who cannot pick a single color for a piece of art and when Peggy asks “what’s your favorite color”, I always struggle to come up with an answer. To challenge myself, I decided to work with one color for today’s tutorial and it really gives us the opportunity to see all we can do with one color.




Prefer watching the tutorial instead? No problem!



Step 1: Sketch Some Petals

Using your pencil, draw a zoomed in image of what you think a flower would look like. 

Remember, this is supposed to be a fun exercise so don’t think too much about what your petals should look like, simpler can be better. 

Try and have at least three layers of petals to work with, similar to my example.



If you want to experiment with different flower shapes, grab a copy of Peggy Dean's Guide to Nature Drawing & Watercolor.



Step 2: Fill a Petal With Pigment

With a size 6 brush that just has water on it, fill in a petal, making sure to stay within the lines of the pencil marks.

Load the brush with pigment and add to the base of the petal. With a clean brush, gently push the watercolor bloom to fill the entire petal, adding more water if needed.





Step 3: Repeat In Center of Flower

This will allow the petal some time to dry.






Step 4: Fill Other Petals 

Carefully repeat Step 2 with the remainder of the petals making sure not to touch your brush to any wet part in another petal or your color will bleed.

Once dry, remove pencil marks.




Step 5: Add Dimension

With wet number 2 brush get a concentrated amount of your color and outline all of your petals.

You can add further dimension by adding lines to the inside of your petals simply by following the shape of the leaves. 




Step 6: Add Final Touches



Like dots in the center of your flower!



Don’t forget to share your creations with Peggy (@thepigeonletters) and me (@theresahaddow) on social media!!


Theresa is a wife and mama who is passionate about sharing the joy of making fun things through her craft subscription bo.  for kids, The Create Kit, and her virtual watercolor classes. When she's not sharing the freedom that creativity brings into our lives, you can find her experimenting with her own art pieces. Check out more of her tutorials here!