Easy & Fun Mushroom Illustration for Beginners

design team - shreya painting Oct 13, 2022
How to draw whimsical mushrooms

Today we will be having fun with our colors and shapes of mushrooms. It's a very simple and fun illustration of mushrooms. We will be learning how to compose the subjects, then we will learn how to paint them in layers and lastly we will also be learning how to outline some part of the painting to add a little bit of interest to our painting.

Hello everyone! I am Shreya from India, and this year I am part of the Pigeon Letters Design Team. I absolutely enjoy sharing my love and knowledge for watercolors with you. Seeing you all paint and learn along with me makes me so happy. So let's not waste any time and get started!





You absolutely don't need the exact same art supplies I am using; you can use whatever is available. Changing the colors for this subject won't affect the end results. So I would highly suggest just having fun with the colors and materials you own. 


Want to watch the video tutorial?




Step 1: Sketch the Mushrooms 


As we want the main focus of the painting to be on the center mushroom, we will draw it slightly larger and bigger than others. Then, surrounding the larger mushroom, draw different kinds of mushroom in different sizes and shapes. Feel free to add more or fewer mushroom depending on the size of the paper you are using.



Need some more nature inspiration? Grab Peggy Dean's Guide to Nature Drawing & Watercolor to start exploring.



Step 2:  Paint the Center Mushroom


Paint the bigger middle mushroom with the brightest color. I have used shades of yellow to paint it - that keeps the left side on the mushroom light by using the lightest yellow. As I come towards the right, I will use dark yellows to create the effect of light and shadow. You can use bright reds as well. 


Step 3: Paint the Rest of the Mushrooms


Now, once the center mushroom is done, you need to paint the rest of the mushrooms and their stems using the same technique. 



Step 4: Add Details and Texture


Once the first layer of mushroom is done, it's time to add a little bit of texture on the top. Switch to the smaller brush size 2 and start adding small tiny dots from the top. Use the color of the same family to do that, i.e. if I am painting a yellow mushroom, I will use burnt sienna to paint the texture so that it is visible. In the same way, you will have to paint texture to other mushrooms. You can draw lines, dots or any other shapes to add details.



Step 5: Add Small Bushes and Stems


Once the main subject of the painting, the mushroom, is done, let's move on to painting the bottom part with some grasses, bushes and leaves. Use different shades of greens and don't forget to use the smaller brush to add the tiny details.



Step 6: Outline Parts of the Painting 


Hurray! You have reached the final step and I am so proud of you. Let's add the final details and complete the painting. All you have to do is outline a few parts of the painting with the black pen. No need to be specific with the shape, just add some lines! And you will be done with beautiful painting in hand. 

I hope you enjoyed learning a fun and simple illustration, tag @thepigeonletters and @artistshreyagada to show your work!




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Shreya is a full time artist, Art Educator, Youtuber and Skillshare teacher from India who works with various mediums. Her go-to medium is the free flowing, unsecured nature of watercolors. Nature is her biggest inspiration and the sole reason she loves painting landscapes, seascapes, florals, the night sky and Northern Lights, and so much more. She finds peace in painting and her ultimate goal is to make everyone feel the same through her work and through her teachings.