My Crafter's Box Forest Illustration Kit

painting Dec 10, 2020

I'm so excited to be sharing with you that I've been working on a very exciting collab with a company that has been one of my favorites for quite a while now. Without further ado, I'm collaborating with none other than... Crafter's Box

I've included all kinds of goodies in this kit so I can't wait for you guys to pop them open and start painting with me!

FYI: This class is exclusive to The Crafter's Box so if it's bringing you joy, snag this box ASAP. 


In my Crafter's Box collaboration, we're doing a very PNW themed tutorial (surprise? I think not... šŸŒ²) on using white ink and deep, dark green watercolor to create a forest. This feels like the perfect way to pay my respects to the corner of the earth that I grew up on. I've always been inspired by the greenery in the pacific northwest because there are so many different tones and hues of green. 

As a true pacific northwesterner (it's very exclusive haha..), my favorite color is green. Like, ALL of the greens... every. single. shade. You can't really say one shade of green is your favorite, because it's really about the marriage of ALL the shades and hues. Anyway, to hear me jabber on about how much I love green, snag The Crafter's Box! (But don't worry, it's not that bad.)


All the goodies that will come in your kit!




This box will help you push creative boundaries in art media that you may never have thought to explore, let alone be decent at! So come along and push your own boundaries with me, in my Crafter's Box! There are a ton of goodies included in your kit, including three (yes, THREE!) of my go-to brushes: the wash brush, round size 2, AND round size 8. I mean, this right here is the full package! 



One of the best parts of The Crafter's Box is that it's perfect for all levels of artists! So if you're a beginner, get this box! If you're an expert, get this box! We're all about the artist inclusivity here. 



This isn't any old collab, this one really tugged on my heartstrings. It's because of all of you guys that I get to do these cool things, so in turn, I always love giving what I can, right back to ya!

Make sure to tag me and The Crafter's Box on Instagram when you share your work. Whether it's when you start, finish, OR right smack in the middle of your project, I can't wait to see it!