Create Ombré Lettering Using Only ONE Pen!

lettering Dec 31, 2020
One Pen Ombre Lettering

We're about to do something really cool, even if you don’t have all the fanciest pens, all the cool gadgets, or all the best tools.  Today I’m going to show you how to create cool ombré lettering using only one brush pen.  YES. One.  One as in solo. One as in singular. One as in not multiple!

My name is Angie and I am a Fartist (TM)… a “fake-artist” so to speak. I don’t have the formal training, art education, technical background, or general art know-how that some of my artist peers possess. why am I here? I've been invited by the wonderful Peggy Dean to write up a guest blog for you all!


  • Tombow Dual Brush Pen (preferably lighter in color)
  • Paper (If you don’t have paper, well we have bigger problems here. Stop reading and go and find some paper!)


Step 1: Grab your pen and paper!



Grab your paper and your pen! Jazz hands as displayed in this photo are optional, however, they do enlighten the experience by a factor of .03%.

When Peggy asked if I wanted to be a guest blogger, naturally I said yes. I had all these great ideas to pitch like “How to Eat a Whole Flat of Oreos in One Sitting” or “The Art of using ‘After Shower’ Body Splash as an ‘Instead of Shower’ Body Splash: A Hygiene Guide for the Modern Woman Who Works at Home”. 

What could I possibly share that Peggy Dean and her posse of amazing and talented artist friends have not already showcased? Then it dawned on me. What do Fartists do best? Find cool hacks with limited resources or the wrong tools.



Step 2: Letter your word or phrase



Using the brush tip side, letter your word. A good tip here is to use the broad side of the brush tip so you have some real estate to work with when you go back and layer your color.  To make the most seamless effect, try and letter your word in one try without going back over the word. Since we are using a light color and building color to create the ombré effect later, you will want to minimize the urge to go back and fix the lettering as that will deposit more pigment.


Step 3: Make sure it's meaningful



Art is inspired by real life. Whatever you write, it doesn’t matter. Here I am writing about my feelings on salad and healthy foods in general.



Step 4: Color over half the lettering with the pointed tip of your brush



Once you have lettered your phrase, go back in with the pointed tip of the brush pen and color over half of the lettering.  You can do the top half, the bottom half, or through the center. You can see here that I just use short strokes to get precision when coloring back over. 

What you can’t see off the camera or hear through this gif is that I am humming the tune of Lizzo’s "Truth Hurts" to myself while my tongue is forcing it’s way out of my tightly pursed lips because I don’t know how to just “relax” when I am drawing.  


Step 5: Happy dance + jazz hands time




Huzzah! You have created a really cool effect using one pen, and the inspiration from the sadness of salads.  There is no reason that anyone reading this blog can’t accomplish this very cool hack. The best part? It makes crappy handwriting look good!  



Oh boy, I'm so proud of you. And I don't even know you! 



So go forth. Draw and doodle all the things. And when you are done, show us what you’ve created by tagging me @bobodesignstudio!





I'm Angie and I'm the founder, heart, and soul of bobo design studio where I design and create wanderlust inspired lifestyle goods that encourage and enable folks to explore the world around them. However, I do love to doodle, draw, color, paint, make, and create. Surprisingly, I’ve carved a pretty good business out of it too.  

Check out my website!



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