How To Make A Drawing Using One Line

design team - doriana drawing Oct 26, 2021
Single line drawing tutorial

Isnt it intriguing seeing art that has been made with just one line? Dont think too hard! It is easier than you think, and Ill help you to achieve it. One Line Drawing is an exercise made with just one line, without lifting the pencil or drawing media.

Hello everyone! I'm Doriana, architect and illustrator, and part of TPL Design Team 2021-22. I love all things colorful and I think this is a going to be a perfect tutorial to learn a little bit about proportions, and have fun with colors.







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Step 1: Look For Your Reference



You know by now, that I don't do anything without references. They are the best way to improve our art. When I first tried this One Line Drawing technique, I always went with flowers. But for this exercise, I want to try using this cute fish I found on Peggy's book Nature Drawing and Watercolor.

It may look hard, but remember, this is an exercise to simplify what we see.



Step 2: Practice with Scrap Paper



Before making anything, I recommend going first with pencil and copy machine paper, so you loosen up a bit your grip, and can make more accurate and thoughtful lines. It is important to identify where you can start to make it smoother, before committing to pen.

You can also try this step with vellum paper, tracing over the picture you chose as reference.

Try as many times as you need, but remember:





Step 3: Go For It



I will start with the outline of the fish, and then move from the outside to the inside details. The beauty of One Line Drawing is that it doesnt have to be perfect. It is an exercise to improve your shape recognition skills, and then make it your own. Start with the line you think is going to get you farther, and then your brain will try creative ways to solve the puzzle.



Step 4 (optional): Add Color



This is an additional, and optional step that is to add some color using watercolors. I will do something light and easy, as I don't want to complicate myself with choices. If you want to keep it as an ink drawing, just skip this step.




And youre done! Congratulations! You just made yourself a drawing using nothing more than one line and your ingenious brain. I hope this exercise helped you see things in a different way, and to try another way of solving creative problems. It is an awesome thing to practice when you are afraid of the blank page.

I cant wait to see what other things you can draw with one line. There are so many options you can do. Remember to share your work and tag @thepigeonletters and me @bydoriana.studio


Doriana is inspired by Caribbean architecture and enjoys using gouache and watercolor, as well as her iPad to create vibrant and bold illustrations. She also loves using her bullet journal to stay organized! Check out more of Doriana's tutorials over here.


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