Paint Galaxy Lettering in 4 Easy Steps

lettering Apr 09, 2020

Hey friends! It’s Tanya from @myfancydesignshop and I’m super excited to have this awesome opportunity to share with you how I create galaxy inspired lettering.

I’ll show you my step-by-step process but remember, art isn’t perfect and there isn’t one way to create. So I encourage you to use my process as a guideline and experiment with technique, supplies and colors.


For this tutorial, you will need:


Step 1: Draw Guidelines

With your light grey brush pen, letter your word. This will be your guideline when you’re using your watercolors. I’m using the bullet tip side, but if you feel more comfortable, you can use the brush pen side so you already have your thick/thin lines.

*Optional, you can first letter it in pencil until you get the design you want and then go over it with your brush pen. Then erase the pencil marks.


Step 2: Prep Your Watercolors

Now it’s time to prep your watercolors. If you’re using handmade/pan watercolors, this is when you want to add a drop or 2 of water to activate the colors. I like to use a pipette and wait a minute before mixing. If you’re using liquid watercolors, you can add a few drops in a palette if you don’t want to dip your brush directly into the container.


Step 3: Paint on Top of Your Lettering

With your paintbrush, choose your first color and start painting in part of a letter. Don’t do the entire letter because we want a galaxy effect which means we need to blend the colors randomly.

Rinse your paintbrush in water and gently wipe it on your towel, then choose your next color. I like to dab my new color into the previous one to start the blend and then continue to paint in the letter. This is when you can get creative and overlap your colors to create a new one.


You want to continue this until your all your lettering is painted.



Step 4: Add a Sparkle Outline

The hardest part…letting it dry completely. I know, it’s hard. I’m impatient as they come but I promise you, you won’t want to smudge all your gorgeous painted art. Once it’s completely dry, grab your sparkly pen to start outlining your lettering.

With this design, we’re going to add an outline instead of stars inside the lettering because I want the focus to be on the watercolor blends.

Carefully and slowly start to outline your lettering with your pen. It’s helpful to have a piece of scrap paper under your hand so you don’t risk the chance of smudging your work.

Tip: Make sure not to drag your hand over your lettering as you outline.



You did it! You now have stunning, galaxy-themed letter art. Now go show it off to all your calligrafriends!

Tanya Romanow is a self-taught lettering artist from the Jersey Shore. She began teaching herself faux calligraphy to help manage her anxiety and quickly fell in love with it. Soon after, she opened up an Instagram account to keep track of her progress and created My Fancy Design Shop. Her current obsession is watercolor lettering and creating brushes for Procreate. When she’s not creating, you can find her going on adventures with her kids, running in the neighborhood or binge watching reality tv.