Paint Watercolour Cornflowers in 5 Easy Steps

painting Oct 03, 2019

Hi there! Camilla from Camilla Damsbo Art here to go floral with you today. Flowers are my absolute favourite motif and all the shapes and colours just make me smile. So I hope I can put a smile on your face with an easy 5 step bouquet of cornflowers.

Tools and materials

 For this project you need:

You don’t need the exact colours I use, you can use whatever blue, cold red, green and dark color you have nearby.

A little tip for holding your brush:

Instead of holding the brush super tight and close to the bristles, try to loosen your grip and hold it higher on the handle. That way you get at a looser stroke that moves more freely. 

Step 1: Paint the first layer of the flowers and the flower buds.

Mix a little Prussian blue and Quin Rose in different shades so you can vary the colour in the flowers. You’ll want it mostly blue but with purple tones and in a watery mix.

Hold the brush lightly and create soft and light marks in an oval. Paint these ovals in all the places where you want flowers and throw in some buds for variation as well.


Step 2: While the flowers are drying you can go to the greens.

Mix the sap green with a little Quin Rose for a nice cohesive color scheme. Keep the stems light and trust that your brush can paint the whole stem. Let all the stems meet at some point where we want to tie our bouquet together later. After you’ve painted the stems you can go and add some leaves. Start with the tip of the brush and press the side of the brush down on the paper while dragging and lifting it. To vary the leaves you can roll the brush a little differently every time, let them overlap the stem and change up the colour too. 


Step 3: Mix a less watery mix of the blue and rose and paint the second layer.

These petals should go upwards and be kind off spikey in the ends. Hold your brush super light and work mostly with the tip of your brush. Keep doing this with all the flowers. While they are drying you can mix a little SAP Green and Quin rose to get a nice brown and paint a small ribbon in the place where your stems meet.


Step 4: Paint the inside of the flowers.

Using Paynes Grey (or a color of your choice), paint a few stamens in some of the flowers to make this piece pop. Don’t overdo it. The most important thing is to know when to stop.


All done!

So know that you finished this beautiful bouquet of cornflowers you can sit down, pour yourself a G&T and get to work on how to frame and hang your new masterpiece.


I would love to see your work!

So please tag me on Instagram (camilla_damsbo_art) and use the hashtag #camilladamsboartinspired I can’t wait to see!


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