Practice Mindful Doodling

design team - kelley drawing Nov 25, 2021
practice mindful doodling

Looking for a way to calm your mind and boost creativity? Studies show that mindful doodling might be the type of meditation you’ve been looking for. 

According to Healthline, benefits of doodling include

  • Relaxation
  • Mood regulation
  • Memory recall
  • Creativity and authenticity
  • Problem solving


Today we’re going to draw a series of ovals and circles on a page. After you draw one oval, draw another one that touches the first oval. When the page is filled with your circles and ovals, fill in the gaps with ink. When you’re done, the page will look a bit like this one. They look like rocks to me. 

Prefer walking along with me? Watch the video!






You can use ANY paper, pen or pencils for this. We’re just doodling, friends. I’m using TPL Monoline pens.


Step 1: Draw circles to fill the page




Step 2: Cut your paper into a small size

I’m using Canson watercolor paper, but really - any paper will do! 


Pro tip: It took me about an hour to fill a 6 by 6 inch piece of paper. Feel free to take as long as you’d like for this meditative art experience. If you only have a few minutes, that’s okay. Just get started, and you can keep the paper and pen in your desk drawer and add to your doodle later. 


Step 3: Draw an oval in the middle-ish of the page

After you draw your first oval, draw another oval that touches the first one. If you’re anything like me, you’re already noticing critical thoughts - that circle is lumpy and weird! That oval went outside the lines! Simply observe your thoughts, and breathe.

This is not a secret circle-drawing contest. This is mindful doodling, friends. Breathe and keep going with with your perfectly imperfect ovals. 

Pro tip:  You may want to pop a piece of scratch paper underneath your page when you’re getting close to the edges.



To do this, darken the areas between the ovals. You could also add more small circles in the areas with larger gaps. 


And we’re done! I hope this brought some calm and creativity to your day. 




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I’d love to see your perfectly imperfect meditative doodles and hear about your experience.