How to Replace Google Drive Files Without Changing the Link

entrepreneurship Apr 17, 2022
How to replace Google Drive files

If you're anything like me, you probably have a bunch of downloads aka freebies (are you signed up yet? You don't want to be missing out!) that need constant updating. The problem that comes with that though is remember to update all of your Google Drive download links in allllll the places. But there might just be a way around that - and I'm going to show you exactly how to replace files while still keeping the same share link.


Prefer watching the tutorial instead? 



Step 1: Find Your File

Locate the file you want to update in your Google Drive. I'm going to be updating a guide that lives allll over my website and every time, until now, when I had a new version of it I had to remember to replace the links leading to it. But not anymore! 


Step 2: Right-click and Select Manage Versions

Right-click on your file to have the menu come up. From there, go down to Manage Versions - that's where you'll be able to update your file! 




Step 3: Upload Your New File

You will see a new menu pop up, showing you the current version of the file and giving you an option to upload a new one. 




Select your new file aaand you're done, easy as that!



I hope that was helpful and you're welcomeeee for all the time I just saved you 😉