Everything About Selling eBooks Online

entrepreneurship Nov 26, 2020
Everything About Selling eBooks Online

So you’ve written your eBook... now what? Selling your eBook online doesn’t have to be complicated, but picking the right platforms to publish on and marketing your eBook correctly IS essential if you’re looking for success. Selling your eBook starts long before you publish with lead generation and strategic marketing.

Read on to discover the best platforms for your eBook and how to make it a success with digital marketing.


Selling on Amazon



When people think of book retailers online, the first place many people’s minds jump to is Amazon. If that’s an association you made, then it’s likely that your potential customers are doing the same thing. That’s what makes Amazon such a valuable marketplace for eBook sellers. Amazon offers a free publishing service for Kindle (Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing) that will allow you to get your eBook out there in an accessible format. Once it's on the site, Amazon takes a commission of any sale you make.


Put your eBook on Payhip 



Payhip is an eCommerce platform with a wide audience and flexibility in selling your digital products. This makes it a fantastic tool for getting your eBook out there. With multiple pricing formats, affiliate options, and marketing tools like coupons for your customers, you have so many ways of selling your eBook on Payhip. It’s free to sign up for Payhip and you pay a small commission on any sales you make, so there are no upfront costs to getting started.


Using E-Junkie



E-Junkie makes online retail incredibly easy so you’ll be seeing your eBook flying off the (digital) shelves in no time at all! To get started on E-Junkie, set up a sales page, and get your products out there. With multiple pricing options you can share special offers or introductory rates for your eBooks, and E-Junkie makes it ea sy to accept payment. Unlike Amazon or Payhip, E-Junkie has a monthly fee for the use of its platform, but you can take advantage of a 30-day free trial before you subscribe.



Selling on your own blog!



For many people, your first eBook emerges organically after all the work you’ve put into your blog. “You have a ready-made audience amongst your keenest subscribers,” says John Holt, writer at Writinity and Researchpapersuk, “so it makes sense to sell your eBook on your own website. Your subscriber list will be the first to hear about your eBook, and maybe the first to buy.” The above eCommerce platform offers ways of embedding a sales page on your website, or you can build your own marketplace gateway on your page. This way you cut out the middleman and take home all the profits.


How To Market Your eBook



To make your eBook as successful as possible, and maximize your profit, it’s well worth investing in a little marketing for it. Creating a buzz around your eBook is the best way to get people buying it. Using a multichannel approach will generate the most interest in it as social marketing and paid ads to feed into each other to create a wide audience for your book. 

With so many social media channels out there it may make sense to concentrate your efforts on a selection of the best channels for your audience. The user base of Twitter and LinkedIn, for example, differs from that of TikTok and Instagram. Identifying which channels your readers are most likely to be found will allow you to be more targeted. And a social campaign shouldn’t start and end with a quick post: you need likes, shares, and the greatest reach.

So get creative with the way you engage people: contests and giveaways where you encourage people to tag their friends will see your eBook spread far and wide.



You can also leverage your blog to sell your eBook. Lead generation is an essential element of online marketing so before you bring your eBook to market you should be thinking about how to grow your mailing list and get an active and engaged bank of subscribers. “Once you have a list of leads you can convert these into paying customers with timely emails and offers,” says Arlene Collins, book marketer at DraftBeyond and Last Minute Writing. “Offering the first chapter of your eBook for free is a great way to get people hooked.” 

Armed with the skills to sell your eBook you can finally share your great content with a wider audience, and make money doing so. What are you waiting for? 




Cheri S. Jones is an aspiring entrepreneur and business writer at Edinburgh Writing Service and Gumessays. She took her travel blog global and has subsequently written a series of eBooks on backpacking, budget travel, and worldwide adventuring.




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