How to Edit Artwork Photos in Snapseed

software Sep 12, 2021
How to easily edit photos in Snapseed

You know I love to talk about making photo editing easy and accessible for everyone, even if you're not a pro at it. Because guess what? You don't have to be! I've shown you how to edit your photos with different apps before (and I've even made Pigeon Presets for you to use in Lightroom - how FUN?!), but today we're going to dive right into Snapseed. It's a free mobile app that allows you to do a TON of stuff on the go and make your artwork look nice and clean. To make it easier to follow along, why don't you find a photo you took that you think could do with some work and edit along with me? Don't forget to share the before and after with me - tag @thepigeonletters on Instagram because you KNOW I love seeing your art (and your editing skills)!



Wanna watch the walkthrough instead (and see some neat tricks)?



Step 1: Import Your Photo

Find the photo you want to edit - or take a new one! I've got a bunch to select from.



Step 2: Adjust Settings in Tools

You might want to use some of the presets buuuut I don't. So we're going to go to Tools instead.



First, I'm going to go into Tune Image and select the slider menu on the bottom. This will allow me to have full control over the different areas that I might want to edit. 



Play around with the different settings, but I always go for Highlights and Shadows - these two help a LOT. 



Step 3: Go into Detail

When I edit photos in Snapseed, the majority of my time is spent in the Brush tool. It allows me to have a fine-tune control over the image and the end result.



Pro tip: when you zoom in on an image, it automatically makes your brush size smaller. Pretty cool huh?


Try out the different brush options to see what works best for you and the image you're working with. I typically like going in with a bit of Dodge & Burn as well as Exposure. Throw in some Saturation as well if you spot some weird undertones!



Step 4: Fix Imperfections

If you, like me, have pets, you know their fur gets e-ve-ry-wheeeere. This is where the Healing tool comes in super handy. You don't even need to worry about selecting anything, just find the spot that you wan to fix and drag the brush across it. Easy!




Step 5: Curves

Let's throw in some Curves at the end to adjust the darkness and lightness of the photo.



Once you've got the levels of the black and white colors where you want them to be, hit save and you're good to go! You can export the image as a copy or save the edits directly onto the file you were working with. Pro tip: if you later decide you want to re-edit the photo, if you bring the image back into Snapseed, you can reverse the previous changes you've made and start again!


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