How to Sync Audio in Premiere Pro (the EASY Way)

course creation Jun 28, 2022
How to Sync Audio in Premiere Pro

Quick tip on syncing audio! If you're using a separate mic from camera but sound is being picked up from both sources, it's super easy to sync the audio in Premiere Pro. 

Here's how!


Step 1: Insert the video footage into your Premiere Pro project that contains the unwanted audio.


Step 2: Also insert the audio footage that you'll be replacing the original audio with.


Step 3: Select ALL tracks

How? 👉 Click on one track and hold shift and click the other track. Alternatively, you can click on one track and then press cmd + A on your keyboard ((or ctrl + A if you're on a PC)


Step 4: Right click on one of the tracks and click Syncronize.




Step 5: Select Audio when the Synchronize box comes up.



Your audio should be synced now!


Step 6: Test the playback to make sure it's synced correctly


Step 7: Remove the original audio

If it's connected to the video track, right click the track and click Unlink. Then click on the audio from that track and it should only highlight the audio channel. Delete it and you're done!


Step 8 (optional): Link the new audio with the video clip

Select both the video clip and the newly synced audio. Right click and select Link.

All set! Nice job with that quality audio you just added. You should be proud.