7 Reasons You Need Tailwind Now

entrepreneurship Jul 08, 2020

Hiiii guys! Peggy Dean here, back and ready to show off my new Instagram Scheduler, TAILWIND! Today I'm going to do a full walkthrough and review to show you what I'm looooving about this website. I don't always use a scheduler to post on Instagram because I like my feed to feel a little more organic than that, but when I do, I will now always, always, always, choose Tailwind. The amount of pressure that's taken off when using Tailwind is amazing. I have tried A LOT of different schedulers, but this one really takes the cake. See my Youtube video at the bottom of this blog for an even deeper look!

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1. Plan Your Grid vs. Preview Your Grid



One of the simplest features that Tailwind provides is that it shows you your Instagram grid as well as a "plan your grid" tab. As a creator, this feature is so simple but makes a huge difference! When using the "preview your grid" tab, you have the best visual of how your scheduled posts will fit the flow of your Instagram. Gotta get that flow on point, am I right?!

On the flip side, the "plan your grid" tab allows you to drag and drop scheduled posts into different time slots. All of these times are generated as the best time of day to post, so it makes it super easy! 



2. Suggested Hashtags



Okay, at first thought, I had one of those "this algorithm is going to take all the jobs away from social media managers and influe..." PANIC MODE moments. But I really have to give it to Tailwind for the level of thought that has been put into this feature! It's seriously magical how Tailwind is able to suggest certain hashtags to your post depending on what you've used in the past and whatnot. 

Not only does it suggest, but it also tells you whether that hashtag is a niche, good, best, or competitive. This way you can choose hashtags that will help your post get more attention! This also helps you learn which hashtags are oversaturated, and which hashtags have more opportunity for views.



3. Draft Guide 



Have to post something, but have NO idea what to say? Need not worry any longer grasshopper... Tailwind has you covered! They've managed to create a feature that helps you come up with catchy captions! By choosing which "post type" you're going for, it'll generate a customizable caption that will catch your audience's eye. You can also click through potential captions because it gives you a ton of options.

The drop-down menu of the "post type" tab is endless! The list includes "inspire", "connect", "educate" and so, so much more.



4. Save Hashtags



If you find yourself using the same hashtags on your posts, this feature is for you! Tailwind allows you to create hashtag lists, which will be saved for you to use over and over and over and over again. All the time! If you're really into this, you can also create multiple lists so depending on what kind of content you're posting, you have your hashtags ready for ya!


5. Smart.Bio



This feature is a life saver for those of you who sell, or link a lot of product. Personally, that's not me BUT this feature kind of has me wanting to do this more! Tailwind gives users the opportunity to create a clickable link through Smart.bio so you can have ALL of your linked items in one place. I seriously love the convenience of having that option even though I don't do it personally.



6. Replace Image



One of my biggest oopsies is when I decide I want to use a different image after I've written a big long caption and then I exit to do so but I forgot to copy the caption so then I need to rewrite the whole dang thing! Ugh! SO I was stoked to see that Tailwind lets users replace the image without having to delete the post and recreate it.  So simple, but so convenient!  It also auto-saves your captions for added peace of mind. I'm into it.



7. Content Plan for Growth



Okay so, this feature is HUGE. Especially for those of you who want a little more hands-on guidance with what and when you should post on your feed. Tailwind asks you just one question of what you provide on your feed, then sets you up with a personalized content plan for growth! If you're someone who's looking to increase the clicks to your page, this tool may help you out! Super personalized and intuitive. 

Hopefully, you found this review/walk-through/me rambling useful! There are so many things to love about Tailwind...and it really helps take the pressure off of keeping up with your feed. I just love things that make life easier, and I bet you do too!