Ten Easy Ideas How To Draw Fall Doodle Leaves

design team - maira drawing Sep 07, 2021
Easy Ways To Draw Fall Leaves

 Ready to start doodling fall season into your life? Yes, yes you are! That’s why you’re here and this tutorial is for you! Today, I’ll show you ten (plus) easy fall doodle leaves ideas. These are perfect for you to incorporate them into your lettering projects, planners, bullet journal, or to have a drawing and painting sesh to decompress and relax! 

Stay until the end because I’ll show you how to incorporate some of these doodle leaves into your bullet journal monthly cover pages.

Hi Friends, I’m Maira with Vial Designs, bringing you this tutorial as part of the Pigeon Letters Design Team. 





I tried to look up the names of these leaves so you can have an idea of the real ones. I tried to match the doodles to real leaves as close as I could. But remember these are doodles, and they don't have to be perfect. The purpose is to have fun drawing them. 

With that said, if you have a better name for any of them, feel free to leave it in the comments below. 

These leaves are so easy to make that anyone without any previous doodling/drawing experience can draw them! 

Okay, let’s get started. 


But if you want to watch the tutorial instead, I have a video for you, too!



Fall Doodle Leaf #1: Ash

The first fall doodle leaf resembles an Ash leaf. For this, draw a long line (stem), then smaller lines on either side of the stem (petioles). Then draw pointed leaves on each branch we drew. 



Fall Doodle Leaf #2: Wild Grape Vine

For the second doodle leaf, Wild Grape Vine, we’ll start with a long line (stem), then we’ll draw three semi-long lines coming out of the same center of the stem toward the bottom part of the stem. We’ll add the leaves to the stems. 



Fall Leaf Doodle #3: Birch

For the Birch fall doodle leaf, we’ll start the same way as before drawing a long line for the stem, but this time we’ll only add two small branches on either side of the stem. The leaves will come off the ends of the branches and will meet in the stem in the middle. 



Fall Leaf Doodle #4: Chestnut

The fourth doodle, the chestnut leaf, we’ll do a small stem. The leaves will meet in the middle at the top of the stem. We’ll draw five leaves starting with one in the center, then we’ll draw two on either side. 





Fall Leaf Doodle #5: Rowan

Now, for our fifth fall doodle leave, a Rowan, we’ll draw a long line (stem). Then, we’ll draw one rounded leaf at the top of the stem. Draw rounded leaves on either side of the stem, starting small and then increasing in size until you get to the middle of the stem. Once you reach the middle, start decreasing the size of the leaves. 



Fall Leaf Doodle #6: Filler Leaf

I don’t have an actual name for this leaf, but I love using it in between my other doodle leaves. For this, the stem is a little bit curved as well as the smaller branches coming out of the stem. Then, draw little circles on all the branches. 



Fall Leaf Doodle #7: Linden 

This Linden leaf might be my favorite to draw. Let’s start by drawing an inverted heart with a small stem. Then one line coming across the middle of the inverted heart. My favorite part is randomly adding shading inside the leaf. 



Fall Leaf Doodle #8: Horse Chestnut

For this leaf doodle, a Horse Chestnut. Draw the stem a bit curved and leaning towards one side. Then draw the leaf around the stem with pointed parts on either side. 

I like to draw this type of leaf in pairs, so that’s why I’m showing you option 8.a. 



Fall Leaf Doodle #9: Hawthorn

This Hawthorn leaf has a small stem and two small branches on both sides. Draw the leaves around the branches with three pointed parts, then add some shading to the inside of the leaves. 



Fall Leaf Doodle #10 Maple

Last, but not least is the Maple leaf. This is my favorite fall doodle leaf, but the hardest one to doodle. 

First, we draw the branches. Draw one line inclined to either side. I decided to do it towards the right side. Then, draw the other two branches on both sides starting in the same place as the middle one. Here’s where it gets tricky, drawing the leaf part. Draw the leaves around the branches like I'm doing here in the video. 

There you have ten easy to draw fall doodle leaves you can start doing today and incorporate them into your lettering pieces, planners, and bullet journal. 

Now, I’m going to show you how you can use some of the leaf doodles we drew in this tutorial plus other doodle ideas to create your monthly cover pages for your bullet journal. 






I hope you enjoy this tutorial and start doodling fall leaves today! If you do, tag me @vialdesigns on Instagram - I’d love to see your work. 


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