5 Mistakes You're Making on TikTok & Instagram Stories

entrepreneurship Oct 24, 2021
TikTok and Instagram mistakes you're making

Listen, I get it. Instagram and TikTok have been taking over our lives for a while now, and they can be a great tool to help promote your business, share your art and passion projects. But you MIGHT just be making some mistakes that I'm going to tell you today how to avoid. Are you ready?


Wanna watch instead?


1. Not Adding Text or Captions

This can be crucial because a lot of people watch IG stories without volume, don't have the patience or are hearing-impaired. Make sure to include key takeaways to summarise what it is that you're saying to keep people's attention for a little longer.


2. Placing Buttons Too High, Too Low or on the Right

When I say buttons, this includes polls, questions and whatever else you might want to place in your story. When these elements are too high or too low, they are blocked by the overlay that gets added when stories are published. If they're too far to the right, when you tap on it, it might accidentally take you to the next story instead of interacting with you. 


3. Making Hashtags or Usernames Too Small

When they're too small, they won't actually register on Instagram. Pro tip: if your intention is to hide them, put a sticker over the hashtag or username instead. 


4. Using Only One Frame for ALL the Info You're Providing

When you put everything in one frame, it does not resonate with viewers as much as when you share it in a bunch of smaller frames. Not only will it increase the time someone is interacting with you, but bit-sized pieces of information are a lot easier to digest, too!


5. Using @Username Tags in Only One Frame of a Multi-Frame Story

When you want to snag the attention of a brand or collaborator, be sure to tag them in each frame of your story. If they're not tagged, they won't be able to share the story on their own account. 


That's it for today but make sure to pin this post for later and come back for more tips on all things creative: my favorite composition tricks, editing your artwork using Snapseed and so so much more!