Designer Spotlight: Meet Vanessa Lesniak

design team - vanessa Aug 05, 2022
How to paint with watercolor

You all know her beautiful celestial paintings, full of magic and stars. Get to know more about the artist behind the art, Vanessa Lesniak.




How did you get started doing art?

I started watercoloring after beginning to few burnout from my job as a Social Worker. It was a way for me to practice a bit of self care so that I could be more present for my family, my staff and my clients. 


What is your favorite medium to create with? 

My favorite medium is watercolor. 



What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is red but I mostly paint with blue 


What is the one thing you like to have nearby when you create?

I always have my iPad near me. If I’m not listening to an audiobook, I’m typically listening to some Adele as I paint. 


What most inspires you?

I’m a dreamer. I’m inspired by the infinite possibilities of our universe. By the vast expanse of space. By the glow of the moon. By the sparkle of our stars. 



How do you push through creative ruts?

I try very hard not to push myself when I’m in a creative rut. I find that doing so makes me feel guilty about the lack of creating and ultimately makes the creative rut worse. When I find myself in that space, I tend to try something new. Be it a new medium, a new book to get lost in, a new craft, anything other than watercolor until my inspiration to paint comes back to me. So I’m a way, I focus my energies on another creative project. 


If you could only use 3 supplies for the rest of your life, what 3 items would you choose?

I would choose watercolors, pigeon letter brushes and a pencil. 


What's your one hot tip for learners?

My one hot tip: do not let your fears stand in the way of your creativity. The outcome of your creativity does not have to be perfection. Tune into your inner child and let loose. Play. There is learning in play. 


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