Paint a Lemon Cart in Watercolor

design team - nikki painting Jul 21, 2022
How to paint a watercolor lemon cart

I love to explore the world through art, and finding this adorable lemon cart in a photo on Pinterest made me feel like I was in Italy. It’s the perfect summertime art project!

Using watercolor paints and a fine point black pen, we’ll create a whimsical lemon cart, similar to what you would see on the streets of Italy. 




Want to watch along?



Step 1: Sketch the Lemon Cart


Grab your pencil and follow along to sketch a lemon cart. Make sure to keep your pencil lines light. If you are struggling to sketch, go ahead and trace an image of a lemon cart.

Tip: If you print out a photo of a lemon cart, tape it to a window and then put your watercolor paper over it, you should be able to see it much easier to trace it.



Practice loosening up your pen strokes and embracing imperfection with Mindful Sketching.



Step 2: Paint Your Lemon Cart


Let’s get into those paints! Add in color with watercolor paints on top of your sketch.




Step 3: Let Your Painting Dry


Wait until your watercolor painting is completely dry before we go in to add ink. The sharpness of the tip of the pen can cut the paper if it’s still wet. If you want to speed up the process grab a hair dryer and dry your painting with it.



Step 4: Add Ink


Now that your painting is dry you can add in all the details with a pen. I love the monoline pen by TPL because it has archival ink and is waterproof. If I want to add in more color after I sketch with the ink, I can and it won’t bleed! Keep in mind not all pens have archival/waterproof ink, so be careful if painting over pen marks if you aren’t sure.



Step 5: YOU DID IT!


Give yourself a pat on the back, you create a beautiful lemon cart using watercolor paints and ink!

Thank you so much for following along with me today! I’d love to see what you create. If you post your work to Instagram please tag Peggy @thepigeonletters and me @LavenderAndSea so we can see what you create!



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Nikki has a passion for all things creative but watercolor painting has really stolen her heart. She loves teaching others how to paint and believes that it can be a beautiful act of self care. She lives in sunny San Diego with her husband and mischievous Corgi. When not painting, she loves to get out in nature where she gets her best inspiration.