How to Create a Watercolor Monstera Gift Card

design team - katherine painting May 23, 2022
How to paint a monstera gift card

Want to make a fun little handmade gift card? In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a watercolor monstera card. It is a great little painting to do when you have a limited amount of time to paint. 

I am excited to share this tutorial with you because I absolutely love creating cards.  I give them to friends, family, and customers. It’s the perfect way to add a personal note to an order or a great way to make someone’s day.






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Step 1: Prepare the Paper

The first step of this little watercolor card is to lightly draw a line down the center of the 6” x 3” watercolor paper. This is where the card will fold.



Use a craft knife and score the paper on the line. To do this use a ruler and lightly drag the craft knife over the line pressing lightly without cutting through the paper. This will create a crease that will allow the paper to fold perfectly.

On the right side of the paper draw a inch border in pencil using a ruler. 



Add washi tape to the edges of the line to cover up the border.




Step 2: Draw the Monstera Leaf

Draw a monstera leaf in the middle of the square. To draw the leaf begin by drawing a heart. Do not worry if the heart is not a perfect shape, nothing in nature is perfect! 



Draw oval shapes down the sides of the heart to create the cutouts in the leaf.  Erase where the ovals touch the edge of the heart shape and adjust if needed. Viola, monstera leaf! Lighten the lines of the leaf with a kneaded eraser to keep the pencil from showing through when painted. 





Step 3: Paint the Background

Mix a coral color for the background.  Use pink, orange, and a touch of sienna brown to create the light coral color. 

Starting at the top left side of the square paint a line across the paper using a round number 10 brush.  Drag the brush across the paper pressing down just a little as you go to the other side to make the like slightly thicker. For the next line do the opposite. Start on the right and drag the brush across to the left pressing down slightly as you go to the left.  Continue the pattern to the bottom. Let the paint dry before the next step. 




Unsure how to draw all the other magnificent plants? Grab yourself Peggy Dean's Guide to Nature Drawing & Watercolor - you won't regret it!



Step 4: Paint the Design

I use a metallic green to paint the monstera leaf, but a sap green would also be beautiful. Use the round number two brush to paint the leaf, going right over the coral lines. Add layers of paint until you like the look of the leaf.



Carefully remove the washi tape, peeling away from the painting. 

Pro Tip: If your washi tape does not easily come off the paper heat it up! A heat gun or hair dryer will loosen the glue and allow for easy removal.

Outline the square with a metallic gold watercolor paint using a number 2 round brush. A gold gel or paint pen would also work great for this part. 



Step 5: Fold the Card

Once the paint is dry fold the card in half. Fold carefully, letting the paper bend at the score line. 



Paint additional cards using the same color palette with different backgrounds to make a complete set of monstera gift cards.


Thanks for following along today! I love seeing your art too! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @katherine.urban.art so I can see your beautiful gift card!




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Katherine is a watercolor artist based in north Texas. As a Florida native, the ocean is a central theme throughout her work. She has loved both art and the ocean for as long as she can remember. Growing up, her favorite place was at the beach or in the water.


In addition to ocean themes, she loves to paint landscapes of the nearby farmland. As an artist, she tries to capture the undisturbed beauty of nature, a place where the chaotic world can be forgotten, even if only for a moment.


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