Watercolor: 9 Tropical Leaves

classes - painting painting Oct 08, 2018
Watercolor Tropical Leaves

Learn to paint tropical leaves with watercolor! The tropical plants are in and ready to become everyone's favorite home decor. Moving away from succulents for a hot second (really only a second, don't worry, we love them and we'll see them again soon), let's focus on split-leaf plants and palm leaves!







This class jumps right into creating 9 different tropical leaves, including the areca palm, banana leaf, aralia, bird of paradise, fan palm, Durban leaf, monstera (everyone's favorite, duh), taro leaf, and the umbrella plant.



If you are brand new to watercolors, I recommend first taking my class - Watercolor: 10 Projects Anyone Can Paint - as it will guide you through basic techniques on how to use watercolors to your advantage. That said, if you catch on quickly, this is still a beginner-level class, so don't fret! You should do just fine. But still, take the other class cuz it's fun, mmkay?  


Products used in this class:
Loew Cornell Round Brushes
Sakura Koi Watercolor Travel Set
Canson Watercolor Paper



Class Projects 

By Hannah Katarski

By Allison Cornblath