Wavy Lettering Tutorial on Procreate

lettering procreate Jun 21, 2020

Happy Thursday to this wonderful community of creators! This week I'm stoked to teach you a really easy way to create some playful, funky lettering.

This guide lets you use really ANY style of lettering you prefer, but still be able to maintain a wavy, fun feel. I'll be using Procreate on my iPad (case/case), but the line guide will work for anything from analog all the way to the old school classic pencil and paper. I also linked my youtube video tutorial on the bottom as a resource for you as well! 



Step 1: Create lines that curve up and down

First things first, you'll want to make these curvy lines a little on the imperfect side. The more weird and funky the lines are, the more abstract your lettering will be! Try to make each line go in a different direction than the last, this will help make your lettering super wavy and playful.

You don't want to place the curve of the line perfectly centered every time, you'll want to make it vary, bringing it up to the edge, then maybe dipping the line back down. You'll want to use as many lines as you think you'll need for your quote. 



Step 2: Create your next layer!

This next layer will include your quote, use any quote you'd like, maybe something that's inspiring you right now! Dealer's choice! Next, you'll want to choose a brush and go to town. I'll be using the brush Nikko Rull (standard in Procreate) for my lettering because I love the texture it creates and how it follows the natural direction of your stroke. 



Step 3: Make sure your letters touch the top and bottom lines 

Starting with your first letter, make sure it touches the top of your first curvy line, all the way to the bottom of the curvy line. Within your first few letters, your quote should already be looking pretty funky. If it's giving you trouble, just return to your first layer and draw another line to dictate where your letter should go. 



Step 4: Leave a small amount of room at the top of your second line

You'll want to really pay attention to your second line, you don't want to end up running into the first line. Bring your first word just underneath the top line, but continuing to follow the bottom line. You should be able to maintain the guide, while still following your bottom line. If you turn your guide off, you can check to make sure you're keeping your form.  



Step 5: Create a new layer to add extra graphics 

Feel free to change around your design once you have your quote written out. Add another layer so you can add some fun graphics. I included my quote's incredible author, Ashley Ford (don't forget this!) and a rad cascading rainbowy... thing! Get creative with it! I can't wait to see your quotes and what you'll come up with to do it some serious justice.


Check out the video below for a better visual!