Why & How You Should Grow Your Email List as a Creative Entrepreneur

entrepreneurship Jan 04, 2021

Over the past year, I've been working on a way to get you guys the information you need to know about building email lists, but also to present it to you in a bite-size format. I'm pleased to say that after practicing brevity (aka keeping my ADHD brain on track and straight to the point), I've got everything you need to know.

The words "you need an email list” have been thrown at us so much that it’s probably the #1 thing we know we need to do for our business to thrive, BUT that’s about ALL we hear about it. We don’t have information that we actually NEED that will help guide us into HOW we should be doing this. 

The one and only thing you can truly own is your email list. Your subscribers jump on board with you with intent to invest in YOU. That investment might be their attention, it might be through monetization, but most importantly at the end of the day, it’s direct access to people. Those people are powerful parts of your own network.

While there are "proven formulas" that will help you grow, I'm more interested in giving you a less linear approach so you can curate your growth uniquely to your audience, which in turn will establish a loyal readership. 


That said, I've compiled all of my secrets into a bite-sized ONE HOUR class (yep on Skillshare!) that covers the following in depth:

• Creating unique-to-you, high-converting lead magnets

• We'll walk through the process of your very own nurture sequence

• We'll explore email funnels and the psychology behind them

• You'll discover the best value to add to your emails to maintain a loyal readership

• You'll be confident sending emails with optimal subject lines for high open rates

• and more...

The class includes a full workbook that you can download under the project section so you can curate building your email list that will be high performing for your unique offering, as there isn't a linear path across industries. You want to make this experience as unique to your brand, or personal brand, as possible. I can't wait to help your email list grow!


Click here to curate your email list and GROW!

 Note: This class is on Skillshare. If you're not yet a member, the link I've provided will unlock 2 weeks premium for free (no commitments).