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The Art of Working With What You Have: Exploring Art Surfaces

The Art of Working With What You Have: Exploring Art Surfaces

When I just started lettering, I was quite frugal with what I was willing to spend on supplies, so I started playing around with a regular ink pen, Sharpie, and cheap markers. And just like that I pushed myself to practice more, and to post my art every day.

When people say they are not talented enough for calligraphy and hand lettering, my response always is “Keep practicing... Practice, practice, and practice.” A cliché? Not at all. It really is the only way to better yourself and your craft, and to achieve whatever it is you strive for. Participating in lettering challenges also helped me a great deal when it comes to creating new ideas and experimenting with different mediums.

Lettering is a fundamental part of my daily routine these days, and I always keep some of my favorite supplies in the bag with me for when on the go.
Supplies I Use





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I love sharing positive thoughts, inspirational quotes, and encouraging daily reminders on my lettering work. I myself need those reminders some days to help me make it through the day, and I hope there is someone out there who also finds some encouragement in them, if needed. The posts I have created opened many doors for me, and gifted me many amazing opportunities I am very grateful for: custom orders, logo designs, wedding projects, events styling, freelance jobs, and many small business collaborations.


Here Is What I Learned From Sharing My Art With The World:

Your art reflects you, so be ORIGINAL, and be YOU. The art you create is unique in its own way, and will speak to others and inspire them in its own unique way, too. So even if you think that what you create is not perfect, own it and be proud of it. 


1. Support Over Criticism

Be supportive of the community, encourage others, ask questions, share tips and tricks, get to know each other, meet new people and make new acquaintances. For me, these things are essential to the journey. Having a supportive community around you - people who believe in you as an artist - will build your confidence and make you strive to improve yourself.


2. Embrace the Journey

It’s not always about how many likes you get, or how many followers you gain (even though often it is the most straightforward way of measuring your progress), it’s about the experience. Committing to creating something every day is in no way an easy decision. Some days you will wake up super inspired, but others you would be too tired to even pick up a pen. And is it totally okay! Take a break, spend some time with family or friends, and get back to it when you feel ready.


3. Don't Waste a Single Chance to Practice More

I like to practice my lettering on different mediums (paper, wood, mirrors, fabric, chalkboards, etc.) to improve my style of lettering and to be exposed to as many different surfaces as possible. My favorite mediums (besides paper) are wood and chalkboards. Psstt.. I might come up with some business ideas using these materials in the near future, so stay tuned! 😉

For those of you who are thinking of embarking on your own art journey but have some hesitations or reservations, my only advice would be: Start NOW!  Just plunge right in, and trust me you'll never regret it!





Hi everyone! My name is Angelia Wijasa (@lialettercrafts)

I’ve always been fascinated with arts and crafts, ever since grade school. Hence I went to pursue a graphic design degree in my home country of Indonesia. In addition, I've decided to move to the United States to follow my dream of becoming a successful graphic designer. However, life took me on a different path. I ended up working in the medical field as an office assistant.  

Fast forward to 2015. I planned my own wedding and did a lot of DIY projects, which inspired me to create and to design my own art. That was then when I decided to pick up my pen and paper again, as well as to start posting my art on Instagram as @lialettercrafts. Moreover, I started participating in my first lettering challenge in April 2016. Personally, that was the best decision I have ever made toward my journey as an artist, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Oh... I’m also a coffee addict and am always up for a dessert. When I’m not burying myself in my craft room, I like to spend time with my husband, family, and close friends doing fun stuff such as running around the park or hunting local thrift stores.



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