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Swatch Karin Acrylic Brush Pens with Me

16 Aug 2022 0 Comments
Swatch Karin Acrylic Brush Pens with Me

The power of swatching is often overlooked. It's so therapeutic to see all the different colors come together on one page (or in this case, multiple pages because I'm going to be swatching a LOT) in the tiny versions of themselves. It's been a while without a satisfying swatch video, so without further ado, let's get right into it! I'll be sampling the entire Pigment Decobrush Master Set by Karin which they have kindly gifted me. It consist of 84 colors, so you're most certainly going to find your favorites.


Psst..if you rather watch all the swatches in action, I've got you covered!



All of the colors are broken down into individual sets which you can also buy separately. Each set consists of 12 brush pens and the color variety is really amazing - you will definitely not be getting the same-same looking ones here!



Passion Colors


There has to be a reason why this set is called Passion Colors and when you look at these beautiful pigments, you can see just how juicy they are! They also go together beautifully despite being very vivid.



Violet Blue Colors

If you love blue tones, this set has your name written all over it. Don't you just want to DIVE into the Cool Aqua? ( 🌊 See what I did there?!)




Nude Colors

This set is a safer option if you're not sure which colors to go for, or if you are not a huge color fan to begin with (who even ARE YOU?). Plus, they look like French macarons and if that's a factor in your buying decision, go for it.




Grey Colors

You might think these are a little dull at first, but actually they are quite universal. These lovely greys have their own undertones, meaning you can easily add some subtle tonal variety to your artwork without all the colors being too overpowering.




Pastel Colors

Wanna draw a cutie pie pastel rainbow? Well, you might as well because these pens were just MADE for it. And if you do, show me (tag @thepigeonletters).




Primary Colors

You all know about primary colors. They can be quite boring but these ones are so smooth, creamy and BRIGHT. Don't you agree?




Nature Colors

If you know anything about me, you KNOW how much I love everything to do with nature, all the colors and pigments it has to offer and what you do with them. I also looove greens, so it's no wonder this set is my favorite.



Sooo many colors, huh? If you get your hands on the box set, you HAVE TO TELL ME which is your favorite color AND color name - because this is the stuff I LIVE FOR. Aren't they just so cute?



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