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My NEW Procreate Gallery Organization Hack

My NEW Procreate Gallery Organization Hack

I truly get asked so often about how I organize my Procreate gallery and what the best way is to keep everything tidy so that you can easily find your projects. Today, I'll give you a quick overview of how I like to organize my digital illustration workspace to make it oh-so-easy to jump from one project to another.

How to organize Procreate gallery

After spending hours organizing my gallery, I'm finally at a place where any time I open Procreate I'm ready to work! BOOM!

How to organize your Procreate gallery

If you're struggle with organization, let me show you exactly how I set up workspace so you can, too.


Wanna watch the walkthrough?


Here's the thing - when you stack things in Procreate, the name of the stack gets changed every single time which can be quite annoying if you have to keep renaming it. So instead, here what you can do.

Step 1: Create a cover for your stacks

Create a cover image to represent what your stack of artwork is all about. I added an example of the art and some text to go alongside it (what I would normally use for the name of the stack itself). 

How to organize Procreate gallery


Step 2: Let's organize!

Now that your covers are all set up and you have new artwork to add to your stacks, let's get organizing. Click Select in the top right of the Procreate screen:

How to organize your gallery

And select the stack that you want to add your new art into first. This will ensure that your cover doesn't change. Then, select the artwork you want to add and click Stack:

Organize art in Procreate 


Aaand...that's it! You're done! Now your stacks will be pretty, neat and organized, which will make working in Procreate that much easier. If you are looking to continue learning or want to dive into other tips and tricks Procreate has to offer, I've got a bunch of tutorials for you riiiiight here.

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