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Teaching online is the #1 way I grew my business. It’s also been the most REWARDING of my career. The kicker is that I started off by breaking rules. I didn’t like traditional methods so I forged my own path. Sure, it presented a ton of trial and error, but I persisted and did it my way anyway. Even through the struggle, I surpassed 6 figures simply teaching in only my first year.

It truly SUCKS to see people going through the struggle and confusion of building online courses when all they really want is to do what they love. For that reason, I decided to share the strategies I’ve built over the years, the EXACT formula I use for my own courses, and ALL of my secrets and behind-the-scenes. I’ve NEVER shared any of this information with the public before, and the rebel in me is having a big ol’ party just thinking about the adrenaline. I’m committed to helping you. I’m all in. The only thing I can’t do… is make YOUR commitment to this process.

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