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Procreate Dreams

Now, anyone can animate. Literally. Anyone.

And I built a full course to show you the easiest way to learn.


I didn't like animating before.

But now it's easy. Procreate Dreams takes familiar animation tools and turns them up to 11, delivering a powerhouse of features and user-friendly tools that will have you creating professional-level animations with ease.

Not only will you have the tried and true frame-by-frame AND keyframing capabilities, but you’ll now be able to control your animation AS IT PLAYS (sorry for yelling).

Now, you have the ability to create a full animation from ONE drawing.

Animate 3 ways

  • Create effortless flowing motions
  • Fine tune your animations with detailed adjustments
  • Best of all, sit back and let Procreate Dreams create all of your frames for you, while you simply move your Apple Pencil on the screen

Repurpose existing artwork

  • Import existing artwork to turn into an animation
  • Learn how to best format your artwork with the goal of animating
  • Or if you prefer, you can even create new artwork within Procreate Dreams

Add special effects

  • Build accumulative animations that build upon each other
  • Create dynamic parallax effects
  • Apply textures and blend modes that add depth to your projects

Yas pls

Bonus downloads

  • Pack of my custom go-to Procreate brushes that I use in my own digital work
  • Your quick guide for gestures in Procreate Dreams
  • Full troubleshooting cheat sheet

How this course works

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Immerse yourself

into the content with me guiding you every step of the way


easy yet dynamic animations with user-friendly tools

Hey, I'm Peggy

I've got a thing for art and I've also got a thing for the creative community. Y'all make me feel some kinda way.

Creativity helped me during a dark time in my life and since then, I've dedicated my life to ensuring that other people can get the resources they need to do the same.

SOME CREDS: I am an internationally published artist, best-selling author, and award-winning educator. I've had the honor of teaching over 500k (not a typo!) students learn to blossom in their creativity. There's a big place for you here, and I'm honored to welcome you.

Got a question?

I've got answers.

How much does it cost?

It's always my goal to keep content accessible. For that reason, I've discounted this 2.5 hour class to just $97 (down from $249)

Do I need to have Procreate AND Procreate Dreams?

You sure don't!

Procreate Dreams is an animation app, while Procreate is a drawing app.

If you have both, however, you can import Procreate artwork and brushes into Procreate Dreams.

What do I need for this class?
  • iPad running iOS 16 or later
  • Apple Pencil
  • Procreate Dreams app
How long will I have access?

Upon purchasing the course, you will have lifetime access.

Are there subtitles?

Yes, indeed! You will find closed captions accompanied with all video lessons.

Is this only for animators?

Absolutely not! In fact, I'm not an animator, either. That's how easy this is to learn 🥳