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Hey modern course creator

What if there
was a way... get your online students massively
engaged AND make your online courses
stand out from all the noise from other
online classes? 

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The proof is in the puddin'

What does that even mean?

What if you were the go-to course instructor in your niche?  What if your courses offered a framework unique only to you, that students couldn't find anywhere else? 
I'm here to show you how you can do what I did.

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It's time to STAND OUT
And I'll guide you through each step.

I'm inviting you to
infuse your magic









Here's my (sorta) secret

You guys know I break rules and pave my own path, and in doing that, I've learned what to do (and even more about what NOT to do) that breaks the mold of all the advice out there.

It starts with my proprietary framework (that landed me on The Today Show AND The Wall Street Journal). For the first time EVER, I'm dripping this stuff publicly. I want you to be able to experience the transformation of not being confined to what you "should" and "shouldn't" do.

Regardless of whether you're brand new to online instruction or you've been teaching for years and are a polished as can be, I can help you create unique-to-you, stand-out course framework that will completely set you up as the instructor that students can't stay away from.



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  • Having explosive student engagement
  • Having a direct path to effective content each and every time
  • Significantly increasing student loyalty and retention
  • Reaching your potential students long before you ask them to enroll

Lemme help ya out

Change the way your students feel inside your courses.

Here's what you'll do in 4 days

DAY 1: Stop Ruminating & Finally Identify Your Profitable Idea
  • Organize your ideas with a bulletproof process
  • Validate your course idea to ensure it's profitable
  • Focus your topic for a specific and focused lesson plan.

DAY 2: Develop Your Framework's Working Outline
  • Build a working outline
  • Understand pros and cons of having an "opportunity" mindset
  • Structure EACH lesson for immersive student engagement


DAY 3: Capture Attention with Strategic Naming
  • It's time to create the fundamentals of your signature framework!

DAY 4: Differentiate Your Course from All Other Online Courses
  • Set yourself apart with one simple added benefit that you'll include within your course
DAY 5: Combine All the Moving Pieces

As if the free challenge wasn't enough to convince you,
I should mention that there are DAILY WINNERS!

Tell 'em what they'll win *echo* win *echo* win...

Every day, one challenge participant will win a 1-on-1 coaching session with Peggy. Yep. Seriously.

We begin
October 13th!

4 Day Framework

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