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A creative membership with biz resources, community, live online events, and intentional education to not only support you, but help you thrive.

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Let me help you elevate your skills in lettering, painting, drawing, creative biz, and more.

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Art Supplies

Cruelty-free, professional-grade art supplies that give back.


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sketchbook bootcamp

Typism Summit

July 27-29 2022

26+ Lettering experts ready to teach you everything from creating digital products to streamlining your client workflows

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sketchbook bootcamp

Sketchbook Bootcamp

AUG 19 - SEPT 30, 2022

6 Weeks of interactive, highly curated assignments to break creative block and fill your sketchbook (or 2 or 3) alongside our community of fellow creatives

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sketchbook bootcamp

The Gathering of the Creatives

SEPT 16-18, 2022
A weekend event for exercising your creativity and understanding with how a creative practice can foster happiness in your life

sketchbook bootcamp

Creative Course Lab ®

SEPT 26, '22 - MAR 26, '23

Welcome to the most transformational, comprehensive framework for creating engaging, profitable online classes.
Get ready to break the mold.

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Hey. I'm Peggy.

As a self-taught artist born into creativity through a struggle with mental health, I promotes embracing imperfections and living out loud. I have a soft spot for ensuring that anyone with a passion feels empowered to be able to create.


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