Over the past four months, my passion projects have existed outside in our natural world. My excursions began in the pouring rain with mud under my fingernails and adrenaline for our earth. I sourced natural pigments, wildflowers, mushrooms, and forgotten twigs and spent many of my weekend hours processing nature and experimenting with its surprising results. In this process, a small collection of paintings woven in nature was produced. The process was slow and mindful and rooted in time and space. 

We hear the word “grounding” as a description for things that make us feel stable and secure. It’s thought to establish balance and serenity in an otherwise unpredictable landscape. To be grounded is to root oneself which takes time to form a solid foundation from which to grow and blossom. We are all going through this process as humans and to use the tools we learn to navigate the battles in our time is to be strong. We’re always stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

Thank you for your interest in and support of my work. My heart goes into each and every piece so it means more than I can say.

10% of proceeds go to Wildlife Conservation Society.



Original art by Peggy Dean is released to collectors via email, and there's one way to get in (hint: you found it).



peggy dean original art
peggy dean original art
peggy dean original art