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You create awesome stuff or provide valuable services, but you're not confident in setting pricing. How do you make it fair both to the client and to yourself? There are tricks for that and I'm going to guide you through it.

Because the world needs what you're offering!

Does any of this sound familiar?

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You've read SO MUCH generic advice but what you REALLY need is for someone to grab you by the hand and give you actual TOOLS and FORMULAS that actually work.

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You suffer from information overload and don't know what advice to take because you haven't found a REAL DIRECTION.

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You try to price fairly but also worry about competitors and this leaves you either barely making a profit or sometimes trying to simply break even.

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Advice and great and all, but it doesn't pave a path. If you could only get some REAL NUMBERS to go off of... I gotchu.

If you find yourself nodding your head, keep reading. You're in the right place!

You don't need anymore "tips and tricks" that you find from blogger Pinterest graphics. 

You don't need to add cloudiness to your confusion even more.  

You need an actual formula and roadmap to pricing.
Simple as that.

Feel confident about your pricing every time.

You'll have a formula around how to price everything you sell and you'll never second-guess its value again.

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Give your freelance business the value it deserves.

Chances are you're undercharging. This not only hurts the chance of building confidence, but it hurts your business. No more!

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Turn your side hustle into a full blown career!

You can survive on doing what you love. I'm proof of that and I'm going to tell you my exact recipe on how I got here.

Sound like the pricing plan you've been looking for? Thought so.
I'd like to introduce you to your new sales weapon:



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THIS is what I needed to hear. If you're a beginning artist, start here. A golden shortcut to invaluable advice. Though I wish I had found this earlier, I'm still stunned and so grateful to have you to learn from! Bravo!


-Quinn Pascal | Cannasseur Magazine

Isa Down Testimonial

WOW! This class was exactly what I needed. Thank you, Peggy, for not shying away from talking about the numbers. As I have asked around, this is the one topic that EVERYONE AVOIDS speaking honestly about. Even close friends! I have so many notes and have gained a confidence in my pricing I will be sending out this week! Everyone needs to take this course!

- Boss Hogge | Boss Hogge Studios

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All I have to say is thank you, thank you, thank you for making this course. When you are trying to research how to price accurately it is so hard to find this information. So many people skip over this completely in other classes. Thank you for the resource you provided as well. Amazing class!

- Katie Thomas | Katie Thomas Creative

In my 10+ years as a creative entrepreneur, I've noticed that there are 3 primary reasons people fail to price correctly:

Mistake #1

They quickly skip over their product or service's best features, automatically decreasing its value.

Mistake #2

They use cost alone as their pricing determination, missing out on a laundry list of items that must be accounted for.

Mistake #3

They undervalue their product or service based on their perception of the market without solid research.

Pricing Your Work: How to Value Your Work as a Freelancer breaks through the mistakes, misconceptions, and uncertainties of pricing accordingly.


Even More Testimonials...

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This class is extremely helpful to me. Everything that Peggy has said in this class resonates deeply with my situation. After hearing about the formula and the reasoning for deciding the price at certain numbers, I feel like I can do this more confidently (and hopefully also not to undervalue my and everybody else's works).

- Nisa Purwanto

Isa Down Testimonial

Great insider tips, feedback and suggestions from someone that has gone through the process through trial and error. Excellent and valuable information for all artists!

- Ruby Gonzalez

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Great class with so many practical and helpful examples. The best class I have seen on pricing.

- Anissa Craig

Take control of pricing.


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This nagging question is one of the constants that eats at us and we never know what the right answer is. Heck, we don't even have a ballpark to start in. We can ask around all we want, but we're never going to feel confident in adopting numbers for ourselves. That's because YOU determine your pricing. How do you make it fair both to the client and to yourself? There are tricks for that. This class will provide a simple guide through multiple scenarios and topics on pricing your work, whether you're just beginning, have been at it for a while, or if you're a professional designer. Look no further. It's time to own your worth.

I’m an internationally renowned artist, best-selling author, award-winning educator, and most of all, a gal who loves to create. 

I love helping both aspiring and accomplished artists smash their goals and exceed far beyond their potentials through online courses, digital content, 1-on-1 coaching, and forming a community where you truly belong. I’m a no-nonsense thinker and don’t have time for anything stuffy (yuck)!

I absolutely love sharing what I’ve learned throughout my career from my own experiences, trials and errors, fails and successes. And it would be an honor to be alongside you as you navigate your very own journey. I’m here to help you excel.