"I can't believe this hasn't been the quality standard for brushes all along"

Artists shouldn't have to choose between quality and sustainability.

peggy dean books
peggy dean books
Animal line drawing book with step-by-step instructions
Dessin au trait animal par Peggy Dean
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Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide book
Le guide ultime du lettrage au pinceau par Peggy Dean
$20 USD Voir le produit
How to draw cacti and succulents step by step
Dessin au trait botanique : Cactus & Succulent Edition par Peggy Dean
$20 USD Voir le produit
Step-by-step botanical line drawing book
Dessin au trait botanique par Peggy Dean
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Nature Drawing and Watercolor book cover
Guide de Peggy Dean sur le dessin et l'aquarelle de la nature
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Lettering in the Whimsical Woodlands - The Pigeon Letters
Lettrage dans les bois fantaisistes
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Large paintbrush for watercolor washes
Pinceau Studio Wash 1"
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Cruelty-free brush set of five brushes
Ensemble de 5 pinceaux ronds Studio
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Best cruelty-free monoline pens for drawing
Monoline Studio Archival Lot de 5 stylos
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