Welcome 2024 affiliates!

I'm making the need-to-know easy peasy for you in one spot.

You have been handpicked as an impactful partner because you display the same values and purpose through what you do. I'm honored to invite you to share this offer.

If you need clarification for anything, feel welcome to reach out to Elina at hello@thepigeonletters.com


Below, you'll find ready-to-use assets

  • email copy direction
  • images & graphics, &
  • suggestions for sharing on social & blogs


Dates to remember


  • Ramp up: May 1-11
  • Open cart: May 12-20


  • Creative Course Lab begins: May 21st

Done-for-you assets

ASSETS: Suggested copy & images created for emails, social media, and blogs here!
Feel free to use them wherever you'll be sharing.



Let's look at some of the most successful ways to share to optimize your earning potential.

Where to share

• Email list (this is always the most successful!)
• Blog posts
• Instagram stories & posts
• Facebook
• Pinterest
• Podcasts

What to share

Weave in your own story when you share!
• Personal examples of success
• Your story & transformation
• Your own experience
• Candid behind-the-scenes
• Quick tips & educational items

Got a question?

We've got answers.

How are conversions tracked?

Affiliates receive a unique link to share that tracks visits, clicks, and conversions.

IMPORTANT: If your unique link is not used, conversions are unable to be tracked and therefore cannot be paid.

Be sure to always use your unique link!

When can I begin sharing?

You may begin sharing your unique affiliate link, written copy & swipes, images & graphics, and promotional items on any of your own platforms on the dates listed under dates to remember on this page.

How much will I make each sale?

Affiliates earn 30% of all Creative Course Lab enrollments registered through their unique link (that's $330 in your pocket for each conversion)!

When will I be paid?

Affiliates will be paid 21 days after the course launches for successful conversions. If a conversion is on a payment plan, commissions will be issued 14 days after each installment.

Point of contact


Your point of contact will be our incredible Creative Manager, Elina!

Feel welcome to reach out to hello@thepigeonletters.com at any time for additional assistance.