Your new {free} Procreate Colorbox includes

150+ curated color palettes

(👆 you read that right) including ...

Layering color palettes

Palettes meticulously chosen to create depth and interest when used in layers

Skin tone colors

A comprehensive range of skin tone palettes for all ethnicities!

Lettering eye candy

Vibrant and dynamic color palettes crafted specifically for beautiful hand-lettering projects

Seasonal colors palettes

Unique colors for festivities all year round, including moody tinctures & cozy hues

Colors meet shading

Color pairings that enhance depth with both subtle and dramatic effects

Unique color combinations

Unexpected and striking color pairings that inspire creativity and stand out visually

Did you know ...

Working with a limited color palette actually enhances your pieces? They look more polished, more refined, and most of all more impactful.

And you never know what colors end up being you go-to hues until you try pairing them up in a unique way.

And luckily for you, I've got you covered. 150+ ways.

Not only are you upping your color game,

but I'm showing how to apply these color palettes

to your artwork so you actually like the results!

Why, you ask?

Even if you stumble upon a color combo that you LURVE, if you don't apply it correctly, it's not gonna be pretty. Trust me. There's a method to the madness.

... like balancing contrast in the foreground, middle, and background
& how shading can enhance your color selection

w/shading colors included, of course!

You want your art ideas to come to life

What color are you feeling today?

This is the question I ask people in place of "how are you?" because not only do I LOVE all things color, but I also feel wildly strongly about how much it reflects (and impacts) our mood.

Whether we're grabbing our favorite beige blanket to cozy up in front of the couch, or we're opening up a set of paints with the intention of diving into all the lush greens for a naturescape, color speaks volumes.

I found myself in my work when I began getting intentional with my color choices. And I'm so excited for you to do the same thing.

xo, Peggy