Vintage Texture Kit for Procreate

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The Vintage Texture Procreate Kit is a set of handmade, high-resolution brushes, canvases, and color palettes for Procreate on the iPad. These Procreate texture brushes are designed to add some gritty depth to your art pieces, with a range of authentic dusty, oxidized, and even faded effects.

18 Procreate brushes include:


  • Pigeon Pencil - I'm finally releasing my FAVORITE handmade sketching brush in this brand new pack! Adjust to your desired width and sketch your project with the satisfaction of using a deliciously rich, mildly pressure sensitive 6b pencil.
  • Vintage Monoline - A spin on the classic clean line monoline brush, achieve the look of old school scanned in illustrations with this bumpy outliner.
  • Vintage Nib - The perfect varied width organic edger and detailer.
  • Curio Ink - Explore what feel like natural ink skips with this digital brush that works as if you just pulled out a rusty nib from an abandoned cabinet.
  • Pulpy Pointed - THE PERFECT BALANCE, this textured Procreate brush has varied pressure sensitivity and a slight bleed effect, making it a great go-to for an raw ink vibe.
  • Record Scratch - This bold, scratchy liner is a great companion to additional drawing brushes in the Vintage Texture pack due to its medium density and large grain.
  • Diamond Liner - This babe of a brush is as if you ground up a bunch of diamonds, created a rounded nib form, and dipped them in ink... yes please.
  • Dry Edger - The roughest of the drawing brushes, this sweetie wants to break some rules and go all out grunge.

These will quickly become your go-to drawing brushes for an organic feel in your creation process on Procreate. It's the perfect companion for your digital projects!


  • Attic - As thick as the dust on your attic trunk, this brush is ready to create fine texture as defined as you wish, with its fine mist with light pressure and bold pin pointed spray with full pressure.
  • Ancestry - With a similar performance as the Attic shader, Ancestry is thicker and bolder and evokes a nostalgic vibe as it overlaps on itself.
  • A-Track - If the retro sound of an A-Track had a dancing visual, t his shader brush would be it.
  • Heritage - A blurry texture effect renders the feeling of going down memory lane.
  • Dustpan - Remember that dusty attic? Dustpan is the ultimate, bold version you can imagine if you could go back in time.


  • Cabinet Dust - Want even more depth? This duster brush has a soft, yet deeply denser dust effect.
  • Antiqued Shader - Think silver and bronze trinkets that have been exposed to oxidation over decades of time, this gritty Procreate brush features two shading effects in one.
  • Dusting - When you need just a little bit of defined grit...
  • Oxidized - This texture brush reminds me of fine silver passed through generations of use, with mild imperfections that are enhanced with exposure to oxidization.
  • Folk Noise - This soft duster brush reminds me of the morning after a large family reunion of string instruments and dancing around a bonfire. So much energy at peace, if only at dusk.


6 Pre-made Procreate Canvases include:

  • Aged Canvas - Reminiscent of old vignetted photographs found in a sewing box in grandma's attic.
  • Faded Canvas - This canvas feels like it's been beat up and exposed to too much sunlight (in the best way).
  • Speckled Canvas - A lightly dusted canvas when your pieces need a finishing touch.
  • Debris Canvas - A roughed up, aged effect with slight color tint and darkening.
  • Scratchy Canvas - A darkened, creased canvas that's been in that satchel too long.
  • Sun-bleached Canvas - Slightly lightened with subtle highlighted mark making effects


8 Vintage Color Palettes include:

  • Vintage Palette No.1 - A curated combination of 12 colors including mauves, burgundies, violets, and peacheS
  • Vintage Palette No.2 - A curated combination of 12 colors including beiges, oranges, greens, and deep plums
  • Vintage Palette No.3 - A curated combination of 12 colors including greens, tans, and ochres
  • Vintage Palette No.4 - A curated combination of 12 colors including mustards, greens, pinks, tans, and greens
  • Vintage Palette No.5 - A curated combination of 12 colors including faded teals, mauves, beiges, and mustards
  • Vintage Palette No.6 - A curated combination of 12 colors including greens, yellows, oranges, and greys
  • Vintage Palette No.7 - A curated combination of 12 colors including violets, creams, oranges, and greens
  • Vintage Palette No.8 - A curated combination of 12 colors including yellows, browns, and reds

These are digital files available for instant download. No physical product will be shipped. Brushes are created for the Procreate app on the iPad and are not compatible with Photoshop or Illustrator.

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